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  • Neighbors Put Parking Over Bikeshare (SFExaminer)
  • Church Blocks Housing over Parking (Curbed)
  • Is Berkeley Bikeshare Deal Monopolistic? (Berkeleyside)
  • A Look at the Transbay Transit Center (SFChron)
  • Everything About Scooters (BayCityBeacon)
  • BART Adds Police (SFChron)
  • Another BART Assault (SFExaminer)
  • Hit and Run Driver Injures Unicyclist (SFExaminer)
  • Danger on Mt. Diablo Road (MercNews)
  • Cyclist Convicted in Pedestrian’s Death Say he Was Victim too (SFChron)
  • Proposed Tri-Valley Rail Extension (MercNews)

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  • p_chazz

    Chris Bucchere – still a dickwad after all these years.

  • re: tri valley extension…
    LMAO! Yeah, 5-7 years except there is zero funding in place and no official designs or impact studies. What’s really laughable is the proposed 12-minute headways. Basically, more frequent service on this extension than on the BART system itself.
    Keep up that sprawl mentality!

  • Stuart

    I really don’t understand how someone who kills a pedestrian due to reckless operation of a vehicle (I don’t care what the exact timing of the light was; if you’re going too fast to be able to stop when approaching an intersection, you’re violating the basic speed law) ends up with the takeaway that he was the “victim” of prosecution.

    There’s no question that his case got a lot more attention than comparable accidents involving a car, but the victims of that imbalance are all the pedestrians killed by drivers whose deaths are mostly shrugged off with minimal attention and no prosecution, not him.

  • jonobate

    All the BART to Livermore funding is being transferred to this extension, which is around $500m. 12-minute headways are planned because that’s what BART are planning to be running by the time this extension is opened.

    I think the freeway alignment is unfortunate, but otherwise this is a much a much better plan than the insanely expensive extension that BART proposed. Planning for a single track in the median of I-580 rather than a double track greatly reduces the cost of the project.

  • sf in sf

    I skimmed parts of his Medium post. It’s a fascinating glimpse inside the mind of a sociopath. He seems to think that if a pedestrian enters the crosswalk even a second before the walk light, that makes it okay for him to kill them. That’s f’d up whether you’re driving a car or riding a bike.

  • Flatlander

    No one’s going to defend him, but he’s right. When’s the last time the police did extensive research trying to determine whether a car driver ran a red light several blocks earlier? I can tell you as someone who has been involved in a crash with an aggressive driver, the cops and insurance companies couldn’t have cared less what the driver did at any point except right in the moment of the collision.

    if Bucchere had killed someone while driving a car, the cops would have immediately decided that the ped jumped the green and he had entered the intersection on yellow and that would have been the end of it. Not even a citation.

  • Stuart

    The fact that society is generally wrong about how it treats drivers who kill people doesn’t make him right about being a victim. He was not “charged with vehicular manslaughter for riding a bicycle” as he dramatically claims at the end of his post. He was charged with vehicular manslaughter for killing a pedestrian.

    The fundamental problem with his framing, which you are echoing here, is that because lots of other people get away with it he should too. That is the wrong lesson to take away from the experience.

    If he wants to write a series of blog posts investigating drivers who killed pedestrians and weren’t charged with anything, and arguing that they should have been, great, then I’d be happy to agree he’s right. That’s very different from his ‘it’s so unfair that I didn’t get away with it when there are people who do’ take.

  • Flatlander

    I just think you’re reading your own opinions into his “framing.” It is certain that he received different and more harsh treatment than others for the same crime. Full stop.

    Whether it’s that others are getting away with something they shouldn’t or that he didn’t get away with something he should is ultimately irrelevant to the assessment of the discrepancy.

  • Parque_Hundido

    The difference is that most drivers are contrite and humble when they are involved in an accident. I know I felt terrible the one time I had an accident and nobody was even injured in that one.

    Bucchere doubled down by becoming an arrogant asshole. The fact that he didn’t learn his lesson indicates he was let off lightly.

  • RichLL Commentary Track

    In fact I felt so terrible that I vowed that from that moment on I would lurk in the comments section of Streetsblog and various Bay Area sites being an apologist for every driver who hurts or kills someone. It’s my way of helping them feel better when they are down.

    I’m so committed to this mission that even though I was banned from this site for impersonating another poster I’m back here with yet another account impersonating yet another person to carry on.

  • Parque_Hundido

    I try and be fair although, on a biased site, such equity might be seen as bias.

    I recall no ban. Enlighten me. As far as i know, SFSB welcomes active and enthusiastic members, and I have been well received at the SFSB socials.

  • RichLL Commentary Track

    Dear concerned fans, you can stop emailing me to ask if I have a serious memory condition. Like all the laws and statics that refute my arguments that I never seem to remember the next time, this is a case of intentional selective memory.

    Of course I remember my Harris account being booted from the site and all its comments deleted after I renamed it roymeo to troll the real roymeo. That’s why I’m using one of my accounts that trolls Parque_Hundido instead.

    Speaking of doubling down on being an asshole, I’m simultaneously impersonating Jym Dyer over at The Examiner. Come check it out!

  • Parque_Hundido

    You have a vivid imagination, and way too much time on your hands.