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  • re: BART security.
    Sorry, but BART failed miserably on protecting its riders, its employees and its system. Every station should have one officer on duty at all times. Problem stations and larger transit stations should have more than one. Problem lines should have officers patrolling cars. In the 18 years I’ve been in SF and have ridden the BART system I’ve only seen a handful of active officers doing their job. As for emergency systems, every platform should have an emergency call system available.
    The forthcoming tragedy from all this is that riders will end up paying for security in the form of…drum roll please…increased fares. Because that’s what BART does best to counter any cost increase.

  • jonobate

    There’s a really easy solution to the issue of the flea market being pushed out of the Ashby BART parking lot by redevelopment – close one of the adjacent streets at the weekends and hold the flea market there. The fact that no-one seems to have suggested this option really shows how much auto-centric thinking is ingrained.

  • Parque_Hundido

    Many of the streets in that area are closed to traffic anyway. Berkeley put bollards at the ends of many blocks and only residents are allowed to drive there.

    The quid pro quo for that was that the main arteries (Ashby, Adeline, Telegraph, Shattuck, University, MLK etc) remain auto routes.

    By SF standards that is balanced policy.

  • MatthewEH

    Heh, don’t I know it. When my wife (then girlfriend) moved out of her apartment on Haste about 15 years ago, we were loading the last of her stuff in my car. We were in a metered spot; and to do this we needed more than the 2 hour allotment of time a single meter feeding would allow us. Since we were up and down a lot I fed the meter in the hopes of flying under the radar. That they wouldn’t also have additionally chalked our tires or whatnot.

    We went up to the apartment one more time to do a final check, came down to drive off, and lo and behold as a parting gift had gotten ticketed for overstaying the meter interval in that one last trip upstairs. Heck, I wasn’t even mad, it was amazing. Parking enforcement in Berkeley’s no joke!

  • david vartanoff

    actually, it is a very selective joke. Cars parked in the traffic lanes of Telegraph for load in/load out of the street vendors are not ticketed, nor are delivery trucks double parked when the loading zone spots are open. You were not politically favored.