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  • mx

    Skip sent out an email that they’re raising prices to $1 + 0.25/minute. And I already don’t see a ton of people riding them, so I’m sure this won’t help.

    Especially at that price, it’s really hard to see them as a useful option. GoBike’s pricing makes it one of the most expensive bikeshare systems in the world, but it’s still a better deal than scooters. Jump’s $2/half hour is one of the best transportation deals in town, and Muni’s $2.50/two hours, $5/day provides a lot of options. I don’t see why I’d pay $4.75 for a 15 minute scooter ride, during which I’ll constantly be in fear of hitting bad pavement and breaking my face, when we have these options options.

  • re: switchbacks.
    Love how the article started off with the “switch back to wealthier neighborhoods.” Give me a break. Muni switches back many of its rail lines unannounced. It’s famous for that as well as taking trains out of service at any given point. It’s a crappy way to treat ALL riders yet the agency’s been getting away with it for decades. My absolute favorite is the Castro Shuttle, which doesn’t end in the Castro. Instead, it runs to West Portal, forces everyone off the train, and then runs another mile to 22nd/Taraval where it switches back. Meanwhile, riders wait endlessly for an outbound L.