Today’s Headlines

  • Details on Motorist Who Rammed Crowd in Sunnyvale (SFChron)
  • BART Fare Crackdown Locks out Wheelchairs (SFExaminer)
  • Emergency Phones at Coliseum Station (SFChron)
  • Transit Housing Bill Advances (SFChron)
  • Uber Versus the Subway (CNNWire)
  • Bay Area Declared one of Smoggiest Regions (Curbed)
  • Bay Area Favors Tax for Affordable Housing (Curbed)
  • Shortage of Construction Workers (EastBayTimes)
  • Proposed IPO Tax to Offset Housing Costs, Congestion (SFChron, SFExaminer, SFWeekly)
  • San Pablo Avenue Planning Starts (Berkeleyside)
  • Commentary: City Leaders Stand up to NIMBYs (SFChron)
  • Commentary: Transit Villages Can Save our Future (EastBayTimes)

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  • mx

    “Uber Versus the Subway”

    This says a lot more about public transit than Uber. If major transit agencies in cities like San Francisco who control the streets and their transit networks can’t manage to compete with Uber while charging a fraction of the price, what are we even doing?

  • david vartanoff

    BART fare checking as I experience it has mostly been for show–not actually where farebeating is rampant. Locking the emergency exit gates is cute, probably a violation of fire codes. The real issue in the stations is the booth attendants who need to start earning their wages–like turning back on the alarms for exit doors, . BART has had video surveillance cameras from day one; where are the tapes? digital records showing the scofflaws exiting?

  • It’s the continuous downward spiral of incompetence at BART (and Muni)

  • Agreed. I’m tired of agencies, SPUR and others putting the blame on Lyft/Uber for making our congested streets more congested when the finger should be pointed directly at our transit agencies and governing bodies that do nothing but sulk and stammer about taking action and providing a transit solution. It’s not rocket science but for some reason with all the tech and finance talent packed in the Bay Area an effective solution cannot be found. No wait. A few did find a solution. It’s called Uber and Lyft.

  • Jeffrey Baker

    Who cares? Is fare cheating in anyone’s top ten of BART problems?

  • spragmatic

    Here’s some good reading for you. Opinion, but peppered with facts that support the Uber/Lyft is bad.

  • mx

    Thanks. Just to be clear, I agree Uber/Lyft are bad. I was going to write a whole reply to Marks’s comment talking about increased VMT (and the environmental and safety consequences thereof) and labor issues and traffic congestion slowing down everything for everyone and blocking bike lanes, etc, etc…

    My point is not that Uber and Lyft have developed good replacements for public transit. My point is that public transit needs to be competitive with Uber and Lyft. Public transit agencies can rewrite traffic laws and reconfigure streets as they see fit, they can access public subsidies for operating and capital expenses; they have significant tools they can use to compete with these apps by offering quality service if they try. But as we’ve seen in SF this week, that’s not remotely happening.