Streetsblog San Francisco is Taking a Break

Well, its editor, Roger Rudick is... look for updated headlines, syndicated posts, and updates from the other California editors

Image: SFMTA
Image: SFMTA

Hi Streetsblog San Francisco readers!

Tomorrow, Nov. 11 and Friday, Nov. 12, Streetsblog is off for the Veteran’s Day holiday. I, Streetsblog San Francisco’s editor, have decided to use up some vacation time and take off from Veteran’s Day to Thanksgiving to get a long stretch of rest and relaxation. I’ll be back after Thanksgiving, Nov. 29. This will be my first lengthy vacation since I started at Streetsblog in 2015.

In my absence, Melanie Curry, Joe Linton, Kea Wilson, Gersh Kuntzman, and other editors and contributors will be providing fresh content, just with less of a San Francisco focus. Reach out to Damien Newton [], Executive Director at California Streets Initiative, the parent of Streetsblog San Francisco, if you have any op-ed submissions. I’m sure he’ll be happy to consider them.

So what am I doing for my holiday?

I’ve been too busy to even figure that out. Bike rides for sure. Slow walks. Maybe a trip somewhere. Might burn up some Amtrak points I’ve been accumulating. All I know is whatever I do, I’m going to take it slow.

Have a safe and happy Veteran’s Day and Thanksgiving, everyone, and see you in a couple of weeks.

Best wishes,



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