Today’s Headlines

  • Props 22, 25, 26  Could “Help and Hinder” State Budget Process in Sacramento (Sac Bee, LAT)
  • Steinberg Hints that Mid-Term Budget Session is Likely for Legislature (SF Gate)
  • Tom Hayden: California Really Poised to Lead Country to a Green Future (LAT)
  • With Rejection of Prop 21, State Parks Officials Struggle to Find Solutions (SF Gate)
  • Scramble Begins at SF City Hall to Pick a New Mayor (SF Gate)
  • Robert Raburn says His East Bay BART Board Victory Was Referendum on OAC (Bay Citizen)
  • James Fang Retains BART Board Seat in SF and Still Talking Up BART to Beach (BCN via The Appeal)
  • Portland’s Rob Sadowsky: Sustainable Transportation Vision Can Cross Party Lines (BTA Blog)
  • Republicans Could Jeopardize High-Speed Rail Funding (Merc)
  • New Caltrain Study Claims Bumping of Bicyclists “Rarely Happens” (Merc)
  • David Byrne Discovers That Getting a Parking Perk Is a Piece of Cake (Gothamist via Sblog NY)

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  • Jeffrey W. Baker

    Bystander killed by CHP high-speed chase in Oakland.

  • Justin

    From the article Jeffrey posted:

    CHP officers are allowed to chase suspects on freeways and on city streets if they are speeding, so long as the traffic conditions, weather and other factors allow the pursuit to continue safely, Tuazon said.

    “Out of the millions of stops we make each and every year, probably 99.99 percent of everybody does what they’re supposed to,” Tuazon said. “It’s just unfortunate that these things happen. Nobody ever hopes for those things to happen.”

    Clearly those conditions are ‘continued safety’ are never there, so how is this justified? and Tuazon, it’s not just “unfortunate that these things happen,” you make it happen by following a clearly dangerous policy of chasing people for infractions that do not justify the death of innocent by-standers (or drivers in this case). How warped are these cops’ minds? If 99.99 % of speeding drivers do stop, why not just have a policy of letting those that do not keep going?