Today’s Headlines

  • Bike Commuter, BOS Prez David Chiu to Enter Mayor’s Race (City Insider)
  • Clipper Card Minimum Increases to $5 (SF Gate, Muni Diaries)
  • Union, BART Police say Violence “Escalating Against BART Agents” (SF Gate)
  • BART Board Discloses Names of Directors Who Voted to Fire GM (SF Gate)
  • SF Examiner Uncovers More CPUC Violations Alleged Against Muni
  • Horrific: Driver Runs Down Cyclists at Porto Alegre Critical Mass (Tree Hugger)
  • Chronicle Editorial: “Mend, Don’t End State’s Redevelopment Policies”
  • SF’s 311 Center Rolling Out First of Its Kind Facebook App (City Insider)
  • LaHood: Facebook and Twitter Don’t Belong on the Dashboard (NYT via Sblog NY)
  • Residents Fight for Improvements at Dangerous Santa Rosa Intersection (Press Democrat)
  • Freight Rail Service Could Resume in Santa Rosa (Press Democrat)

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  • jd

    Just saw the article/video about the scumbag who ran through critical mass in Brazil. My heart goes out to those people, especially those injured. Absolutely sickening that the police can possibly take such a lackadaisical attitude towards such blatant disregard for human life. That was multiple attempts of attempted murder and should be life in prison. It really goes to show you how sickeningly addicted we have become to cars. We need real help as a society to break this addiction.

  • icarus12

    As per the Chronicle article citing a rise in attacks BART station agents: This is complete hogwash! Here’s why in my opinion:

    1) The figures for three years show a steep bump up in the middle year, followed by a return downward in the last year to nearly the same number in the first year. In other words, the middle year was probably an aberration.

    2) All sorts of things are grouped under “attack”, including violence, threats of violence, and yelling. Yes, Yelling at a BART station agent in anger is considered an “attack”. Really? Then I was “attacked” the other day by a discontented MUNI station agent at Embarcadero. Then she turned her not-so-solicitous attention to other miscreants. Oh, sorry, I meant, patrons. Where’s my police escort?

    3)As many commenters at SFGate have noted, BART agents don’t appear to do much and when approached for assistance are very often rude, peremptory, and unhelpful. This attitude, more than anything else, is what prompts customer dissatisfaction and may have something to do with how a few customers get into outrageous behavior toward agents.

    4) The most useful comments from SFGate noted how to change 3) above. That was for BART to retrain its station agents to help customers and to be like agents in Tokyo. Agents there are NOT much in their booths. Instead, they go out into the crowd and proactively help patrons with everything from fouled up tickets to directions to their destinations, boarding, and special needs. They are respected and well-liked for their competence and energy.

    BART station agents need neither a strong box nor greater police protection. They need to do their jobs in an entirely different manner. It’s BART management and board’s responsibility to redesign agent duties and train them accordingly.