Sunday Streets 2011 Begins This Weekend on Embarcadero, “Rain or Shine”

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This weekend, San Franciscans will walk, run, play, bike, and relax on the city’s main waterfront during the first Sunday Streets of the year. It’ll take place along the Embarcadero from Fisherman’s Wharf to China Basin, right where Sunday Streets began in 2008.

“We’ll be out there rain or shine,” said Sunday Streets organizer Susan King. “Everybody’s planning on rolling out there with us – it’ll be a nice day to enjoy a walk in the rain on a car-free street overlooking the bay.”

Kids and adults alike can continue to look forward to regular favorites like free bike rentals and lessons as well as a bundle of route-specific activities that Sunday Streets is adding this year. The Embarcadero will host a YMCA Fitness Fair, roller skating, a super slide, the Sardine Family Circus, and the SF Arts Commission’s mobile mural wall.

Participants can also play the Fisherman’s Wharf Welcome Booth’s Wheel of Fortune, learn some local history at the Maritime Museum Association Booth, and enjoy live music with Rock the Bike’s pedal-powered stage at East Park. Pier 39 will have world-famous street performers and sing-along dancing, while the SF Recreation and Parks Department will be organizing family activities such as yoga and zumba lessons will be held by the Telegraph Hill Neighbor Center. Ride over and park your bike with the SF Bicycle Coalition’s free valet service.

The event will provide one last chance to enjoy the waterfront’s clear view of the bay before it dramatically changes for America’s Cup, noted King – and let’s not take for granted the absence of a freeway, either.

Despite the weather predictions, the pioneers of car-free streets vow to show their resilience. “I was joking to my colleagues that instead of ordering water bottles, we should’ve ordered umbrellas,” said King.

We’ll keep our fingers crossed for dry skies. (Who ever said San Francisco weather was predictable?)

The new 11:00 am – 4:00 pm time slot is sure to be a welcome change to late Sunday sleepers such as myself. Find more at

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  • Sunday’s weather looks to be downright terrible…bummer.

  • Nick

    As we have these articles, I’d like to hear what reader’s annual traditions are for each ride. For this one, I always like checking out the waterfront south of the ballpark and then getting coffee or lunch in the Dogpatch neighborhood.

  • ryan

    will the T and F still be running?

  • Heads up that PG&E will be at Sunday Streets peddling lies about their “smart’ meter program. You have a right to your health and privacy and you have a right to say NO when the installer comes around- just don’t let them in!

    26 cities and 7 counties (to date) have demanded a halt to the program because of health concerns etc. SF Sierra Club has asked the SF board of supes to outlaw the installations.

    A basic primer on problems with the new meters:

    Spread the word to your friends and family- refuse smart meters!



  • TK

    Not to be a grouch, but can you take your Chicken Little spam elsewhere, Josh? kthx.

  • Hey TK,

    You might not want to admit it but there is a public health crisis with wireless technology, with the wireless ‘smart’ meters being the latest threat. There is enough concern from peer-reviewed science, and thousands of individual health complaints that now- we need to take action.

    If you are calling me ‘chicken little’ then you are also calling 33 independently elected local governments the same thing.

    We got this report in this morning from a woman in SLO county:

    The night of 2/17/11 she was sleeping on her side and woke with a burning sensation from her face to her trunk. She turned to the other side and then woke again with the burning sensation on her other side. She recalls feeling a burning sensation in her eyelids which she now feels in her eyes (This woman was blind to begin with.). When she discovered a smart meter had been installed on the other side of her bedroom, she and her husband moved from the master bedroom and now sleep in another room. She has called PG&E repeatedly and they have refused to change out the meter.

    You call me ‘chicken little’

    I call you ostrich with your head in the sand. k? thx.

  • JHadley

    Josh is right,

    I had a friend who knew a guy who went to be a normal man, but when he woke up, he found he had turned into a cockroach. Also the cockroach’s back legs didn’t work because this man was also a parapalegic. Everyone ignored him and pretended he wasn’t there. Then when his family came to take his stuff (after taking care of the nasty cockroach problem) they found that PG&E had installed a smart meter at his house.

    If you let PG&E install a smart meter this could happen to yoouuuuuuuu!

    But seriously, I’ve been looking forward to this event since the Tenderloin Sunday Streets was rained out this past fall.

  • Back on topic, I really hope there will be a good turn out for this weekend’s event.

    Question, is the Embaradero Sunday streets early in the season as to not bump up with the tourist season?

    Also, once again, really looking forward to hearing more about the Chinatown/North Beach Sunday Streets. Very excited!

  • Nick

    Oooh, do you think we can stop by the PG+E booth and get trained to be smart-meter installers?


  • Now I find out that Sunday Streets is actually considering PG&E (!!!) as a major sponsor. Come on guys- this is a company that is responsible for millions of tons of CO2 emissions, poisoning of the groundwater with hexavalent chromium, deaths of residents in San Bruno, attempting to limit local government energy initiatives in Prop 116, not to mention spying on its customers private e-mails and forcibly inflicting constant pulses of microwaves on millions of residents in CA.

    And do we even have to try to plumb the depths of the insanity required to build nuclear reactors on coastlines near active quake faults (like San Onofre and Diabo Canyon)?

    Okay Sunday Streets needs sponsors but where are the ethical guidelines here- I mean why not BP? Why not GM?

    I’m sure if it came to it, the people of SF themselves have the ability to seal off areas of the city to motor vehicle traffic without resorting to sponsorship by corporations that are inflicting serious harm to the people of CA.

    Josh Hart

  • Josh, such sponsorships are rampant in environmental organizations and for events — Save Mt. Diablo takes a f*ckton of money from Shell Oil. When you see that you realize that SMB and any organization that would take such funds is not a conservation organization all but rather just a front shop for improving the land values of the park’s neighbors, many of whom work for Shell (so they’re communications director told me in an email a couple years ago). Anyhow, my point is that Sunday Streets is not unique in this!

  • Dexter Wong

    So what Josh. you want to torpedo this event just because your worst enemy is the sponsor?

  • @ Justin- I realize that this is not uncommon practice- but that doesn’t make it morally acceptable! Corporations like PG&E use non-profit and environmental organizations to greenwash their image and continue doing business in destructive ways. People think, wow Sunday Streets is supported by PG&E- how bad could they be if Sunday Streets- representing health, community, and positive use of public space- is partnering with them? These organizations thus become complicit in the crimes of their corporate sponsors.

    @Dexter- no one is trying to torpedo Sunday Streets- just trying to take a closer look at the ethical guidelines (if any) that are used in selecting sponsors for the event. Are you suggesting that this is not a relevant discussion to have?

  • Nick

    Reading these posts, it’s easy to lose sight of the fact that all that is happening is streets are being closed off and people will be playing in them.

    Hexavalent chromium?

  • RIck H

    I can’t believe you are all capping on Josh just because he is pointing out that PG&E is NOT a good corporate citizen.

    Don’t you remember Prop 16 last June and the MILLIONS and MILLIONS of YOUR money they spent to screw Claifornia???

    They give new meaning to GREENWASHING every day.

    Some of you up are just plain nuts to buy the PG&E spin.

  • Iliketobikesf

    Rain or is gunna be fine.See you all there!


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