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Dissenting Views on Stimulus, in Congress and on Network

10:09 AM PST on January 16, 2009

The Streetsblog Network is
continuing to digest the draft of stimulus legislation that came out of
the House Appropriations Committee yesterday. We're featuring a post
from Design New Haven that offers a pretty tough evaluation:

Despiteall the evidence that transit-oriented development creates jobs bydramatically saving large numbers of people time and commutingexpenses, the stimulus bill seems more like it is shaping up to be arecipe for oil company profits than for smarter growth in metropolitanareas like New Haven.

Bottom line is that it appears thatCongress believes that highways should be expanded even as bridgesacross the country continue to catastrophically fail and crumble; evenas families, children and senior citizens literally find it impossible to walk more than a couple of blocks in their own neighborhoodsdue to the lack of proper pedestrian facilities; and even as many majorcities less than 30 miles apart — like Hartford, Waterbury and NewHaven — continue to have absolutely no viable mass transportation connections.

D000191.jpgRep. Peter DeFazio, D-OR

The Transport Politic continues its close coverage of the stimulus, excerpting a piece from the Wall Street Journal
that reports some Democratic members of the Transportation Committee
are considering an objection to the transport section of the bill. From
the WSJ:

Highways and Transit Subcommittee ChairmanPeter DeFazio (D., Ore.) suggested the committee draft a letter orresolution to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi objecting to the transportsection of the stimulusbill.

Rep. Oberstar suggested the committee “mobilizethose practitioners of infrastructure” at a hearing next week todemonstrate the need to increase spending levels on shovel-readyprojects. “Then I think we make the move on the House leadership andthe incoming Obama administration,” he said.

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