Sunday Streets Brings Out Throngs of People to Enjoy Car-Free Streets

SFBike__3.jpgNon-human modes of transportation welcome, too. Photo: SFBike

Tens of thousands of people came out to enjoy Sunday Streets yesterday, filling the Embarcadero with walking, cycling, skating and general merriment.  The mainstream media couldn’t help but cough up superlatives to describe the car-free event, underscoring its importance to the local economy, to encouraging fitness and physical activity, and to entertaining families in a manner not seen on our streets for ages.

It was so successful, some intrepid locals even ventured to Fisherman’s Wharf.

"My wife and I enjoyed a classic San Francisco lunch of clam chowder in a bread bowl and Anchor Steam beer at Fishermn’s Wharf," said SFBC Program Director Andy Thornley.  "I heard locals saying ‘Hey this is cool’ and merchants saying, ‘Hey locals, who are you? This is cool!’"

Streetsblog Editor Bryan Goebel had a great account from the Embarcadero yesterday and many of our dear readers tagged photos in our Flickr pool.  Some of the best follow below the break.

And be sure to come out on May 10th for a special Mother’s Day Sunday Streets from AT&T Park south to the Bayview Opera House. 

nocturnal_perambulations_1.jpgCompact parking only. Photo: nocturnal perambulations

Busbozo_2.jpgPhoto: busbozo

nocturnal_perambulations_2.jpgThe family stationwagon, Sunday Streets style. Photo: nocturnal perambulations
Busbozo___4.jpgPhoto: busbozo

SFBike_1.jpgPhoto: SFBike

SFBike_4.jpgPhoto: SFBike

Busbozo_3.jpgThe other DJ Trike, SFBC Board Member Amandeep Jawa. Photo: busbozo

SFBike_9.jpgEven the bus signs got into the mood. Photo: SFBike


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