Today’s Headlines

  • GM, Once the World’s Biggest Automaker, Files for Chapter 11 (NYT, NYT)(SF Gate)
  • PJ O’Rourke Pines for Days When Driving Made Him Feel More Powerful Than Genghis Khan (WSJ)
  • What Will Happen to America’s Appetite for New Cars? (NYT)
  • Examiner Argues Union Work Rules at BART and Muni Outdated and Too Expensive
  • MTA Board Looks at Raising Parking Fees, Vows No Further Service Cuts (Examiner)
  • Muni Buses Badly Behind Maintenance Schedule (Examiner)
  • Comment Period for Presidio Plan Ends Today (SF Gate)
  • Chronicle Watch Highlights Cars Parking in Bus Stop on 43-Masonic
  • Benicia Marina Walkways Might Not Be Wide Enough For Harleys, Even For Cops (Times-Herald)
  • NYC Adds 200 Miles of Bike Lanes Over Past Three Years, Commuter Cycling Booms (
  • David Byrne Reviews Jeff Mapes’ Pedaling Revolution for the Times
  • Vancouver BC Police Target Cyclists With "Information Tickets" (Vancouver Sun)
  • Highways From Hell: Louisville’s Proposed Spaghetti Junction (The Urbanophile via
  • Though I don’t think P.J. O’Rourke meant it as a condemnation when he extols being cavalier, this sounds about right for anyone behind the wheel of a car, including me:

    “insouciant and debonair; marked by a lofty disregard of others’ interests, rights, or feelings; high-handed and arrogant and supercilious.”