TransForm Regional Meeting: What Road Pricing Can Mean for Low-Income People and Transportation Options

"There are ways to move more people on our existing highway system and improve transportation options for everyone.  An array of road pricing mechanisms, from charging drivers to enter HOT lanes during busy times to variable bridge tolls, are being tried across the country.
But is road pricing unfair to low-income people? Rand has released an Environmental Defense Fund-sponsored report, "Equity and Congestion Pricing," that attempts to answer this question and report on other equity-related aspects of congestion pricing. TransForm welcomes Kathryn Phillips from EDF, who will present on the report’s findings.
Then, find out what’s happening with SB 375, California’s landmark smart growth bill that will require regions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by improving transportation choices and how communities are designed so they require less driving.  Right now, leaders are deciding by how much metropolitan regions will have to reduce their emissions by 2020 and 2035.  TransForm’s Executive Director Stuart Cohen will provide an update.
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