Eyes on the Street: Scott Street Bike Box Reappears

bike box-1_1.jpgA freshly painted bike box on Scott Street. Photo by Bryan Goebel.

One day after we asked when the bike box on Scott Street at Oak would reappear, lo and behold, it’s back. It was apparently repainted sometime this morning. Tipster and Streetsblog commenter MichaelSF points out it appears longer. It’s almost a full bike box but it’s still not connected to the bike lane, like most bike boxes in other cities such Portland and New York.

MTA spokesperson Judson True says the agency plans to experiment with colored bike boxes "in the next few years."

See the before picture below the break.

811797009_dd6baaf55f.jpgBefore. Flickr photo: Jim Dyer
bike_box_5.jpgHow it looked just two days ago after a recent repaving. Photo by Bryan Goebel.


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