SFBC Monthly Good Roads Ride – 3 in 1!

"Special 3-in-1 Ride: Three great neighborhoods; one noble cause. Join the Good Roads Crew as we bring smoother, safer biking to Noe Valley, Glen Park, and West Portal. Start with a coffee buzz on 24th Street – arrive early to check out the Farmers Market across the street – and then power on for a spin through the Village followed by a good long ride to our destination drinks and lunch. Along the way we’ll mark every pothole we see with spray paint – we usually get about 50 — and report them to 311. First-timers always welcome; we’re a friendly group! Heavy rain cancels."


A Lost Decade for San Francisco’s Critical Mass?

Critical Mass rolls down Lombard Street, July 2007. Photo by Chris Carlsson Well, no. We’ve had a great run in the 2000s. Averaging between 750 and 3000 riders on any given month, the birthplace of Critical Mass keeps going strong, in spite of the total lack of promotion or organizing during this past decade. But […]

85 Percent of People on Polk Street Arrive Without a Car

Updated 4:36 p.m. If San Franciscans were to believe the hyperbole and fearmongering spread by merchants leading the “Save Polk Street Coalition,” removing even a small proportion of car parking along the corridor to make the street safer and more inviting will kill businesses. But new survey data from the SF Municipal Transportation Agency shows that […]