SPUR Lunchtime Forum: A new Doyle Drive

"With funding from the federal stimulus package, the new Presidio Parkway is slated to start construction this fall, replacing the decrepit Doyle Drive. Designed in deference to its natural surroundings in the Presidio and along Crissy Marsh, Presidio Parkway will allow for more pedestrian crossings, direct access to the Presidio and a calming transition to residential streets. With Jose Luis Moscovich and Ignacio Barandiaran of the San Francisco County Transportation Authority."


Presidio Parkway Could Revive a Wetland Buried by Asphalt

It may look like a forgotten military landscape, decaying beneath an elevated freeway and overgrown with weeds, but hidden beneath the abandoned buildings and broken pavement, Presidio planners see the potential to regenerate a wetland. Quartermaster Reach is currently so neglected, most people don’t even know it exists. Floating between Lucasfilm’s Letterman complex and the […]

San Francisco Shovel Ready for Freeway Project Through a Park

SFCTA Graphic Five decades after activists killed plans for a major freeway traveling through San Francisco’s Panhandle, construction companies are lining up for the contract to break ground in August on another major freeway through a park – the Presidio Parkway, which will replace Doyle Drive in the Presidio National Park. Plans to improve or […]

Planners Expect Public-Private Partnership to Lower Doyle Drive Costs

The Presidio Parkway/Doyle Drive project will move into the second phase of construction early next year, but planners are already touting a unique public-private partnership, or P3 in their shorthand, which they say forges a new model for delivering massive infrastructure projects for less money and greater financial oversight. Assuming all the necessary approvals are […]