SPUR Walking Tour: Tour of SF windmills

"Don’t miss this treat to explore the Golden Gate Park windmills! The windmills were built in 1902 and 1905 to pump water for the irrigation of the Park. But electric pumps were eventually installed for efficiency, the windmills stopped their twirling and the salty sea wind got the better of these beauties. A recent campaign to save the windmills raised money for their resurrection. Our tour guide, Mark de Jong of Bloemendal Construction is the San Franciscan-Dutchman charged with this prodigious restoration project."


This Week in Livable Streets Events

The MTA Board’s decision last Friday to cut Muni service by 10 percent was just the beginning of a months-long saga over Muni’s budget. On Tuesday, get a glimpse of what’s to come at the MTA Board meeting, followed by a Muni Summit on Saturday that will bring together dozens of groups hoping to save […]

JFK Protected Bike Lanes Get Seal of Approval From the Bike-Savvy Dutch

This year’s celebration of the Dutch Queen’s Day in San Francisco was a bit special. When the event’s 100-or-so celebrants traversed the city by bike in the second annual “Market-to-Mill” ride (Market Street to the Dutch windmill in Golden Gate Park, a.k.a the Bay to Beach route), the orange-clad caravan traveled through San Francisco’s first bicycle […]

Ride with the Dutch on Queen’s Day 2011

From the Consulate General of the Netherlands: Union Square Turns Orange for Queen’s Day April 30, 2011 On April 30th each year, the Dutch gather to celebrate the birthday of the Queen of the Netherlands. Why not celebrate this year by dressing up in orange and riding a bike through the city of San Francisco? Come along on one […]