Today’s Headlines

  • Newsom Says Streetsblog’s Parking Story is "Factually Incorrect," Says "Blogs Often Are" (Examiner)
  • Matier and Ross Reiterate Streetsblog’s Parking Story. Gav? (SF Gate)
  • CHSRA Releases Detailed High Speed Rail Alternatives Plan for Peninsula (Merc)
  • Mission Residents Concerned Over City’s Five Year Plan for Mission (Mission Local)
  • Sacramento Installs Illegal-Right-on-Red Cameras. Hey MTA, How About Market/Octavia? (Sac Bee)
  • GM Sponsors Bill to Issue 65,000 New Yellow Carpool Lane Exemption Stickers for Hybrids (Sac Bee)
  • Do We Need A Technology Solution to the Distracted Driving Problem or Tougher Laws?
  • Toyota Recall Has Tragic Local Connection With Death of San Jose Driver (Merc)
  • Streetsblog Contributor Chris Carlsson Drops Bicycle and Public Space Knowledge in SF Gate
  • Is Moving by Bicycle the New Green Trend? (Big Green Boulder, via HuffPo)
  • Copenhagenize Identifies the World’s Worst Bike Share System
  • Saratoga Springs Considers Lifting Ban on Walking and Biking to School (Planetizen)
  • U.S. Chamber of Commerce Contradicts Itself on Climate Change Legislation (NRDC Switchboard)
  • Re: Newsom Says Streetsblog’s Parking Story is “Factually Incorrect,” Says “Blogs Often Are”

    From the Examiner article:

    “No one wants to extend parking meter hours, including Muni, he said.

    Also, there’s a study on extending meters that is soon to be released that analyzes how to do so without making everyone angry.”

    No one wants to extend hours, but there is a study on about how to do it??


    Then again, Newsom sometimes lies. Politicians often do.