SPUR Lunchtime Forum: Lawn chairs in Times Square

"Almost overnight, Times Square in New York City has become a great place to sit and watch the world. Tim Tompkins, President of the Times Square Alliance, the business improvement district that manages the iconic New York space, will share the story of the ongoing trial of a new pedestrian plaza in Times Square, and generally how business organizations can make the most of the public realm. What role do street spaces play in a highly competitive business environment? Organized by the San Francisco Great Streets Project." 


The Crossroads of the World Goes Car-Free

I’ve lived in New York City for just about twenty years now but yesterday was my first trip to Times Square. Sure, I’ve been to Times Square before. Plenty of times. But until yesterday Times Square had never ever been a destination for me. Rather, it had always been a place to avoid or, if […]

Streetfilms: Veronica Moss Goes to Times Square

She’s back! Veronica Moss, D.C. lobbyist for the Automobile User Trade Organization (A.U.T.O.), recently returned to New York to get her first look at the new, pedestrian-friendly Times Square. Her views may rankle some in the livable streets camp, but we think it’s important to note that some influential people out there just abhor walking, […]

Happy Memorial Day Weekend

The full transformation will take a few months to set up, but come Memorial Day, pedestrians will finally have some breathing room in New York’s Times Square. This is a really exciting weekend for our Streetsblog colleagues in New York City, as Ben Fried writes:  When Memorial Day weekend rolls around, here at Streetsblog we […]

This Week in Livable Streets Events

This week, stand up for parking reform on Tuesday, sit down for a talk about Time Square’s lawn chairs on Thursday, and stand up again for the Walk SF Peak2Peak Walk on Saturday! Here are the week’s highlights. Monday: SFBC Treehouse Talk: Driven to Excess. Josh Hart, former Program Director of the SFBC, is back […]