SPUR Walking Tour: SF Great Streets demonstration projects

"Tour the newest great public spaces in San Francisco, created as part of the City’s Pavement to Parks Initiative. Planning Department staff will guide you through the process of how these new, instant trial "parks" came to be, as well as their future. Sites on the tour will include Castro Commons, a trial plaza at 17th Street and Castro, Guerrero Park, a community space at the intersection of San Jose and Guerrero Avenues, and Showplace Triangle, a new plaza at 8th & 16th Streets." 


SPUR Walking Tour: Parks and parklets tour

"Join Andres Power, manager of the City’s Pavement to Parks program, on a walking tour of the city’s street parks and “parklets.” Pavement to Parks has been working with community groups around the city over the last year to trial new green community spaces on underused streets and parking spaces. Learn more about the newly […]

San Francisco’s Two Newest Trial Plazas Nearly Complete

San Jose/Guerrero plaza. Photo: Michael Rhodes San Francisco’s two newest Pavement to Parks trial plazas are both on track to open by Thursday, with only the finishing touches remaining. Jane Martin, who helped about 40 neighbors plant trees and shrubs in the planter beds at the San Jose/Guerrero plaza this Sunday, said the space has […]

Construction Starts on Two New Pavement to Parks Plazas

Barricades are up at the site of the Lower Potrero plaza. Photo: Michael Rhodes When the plaza at 17th and Market Streets opened up last May, city officials promised more Pavement to Parks projects in short order. Yesterday, there was physical evidence at the sites of two new planned plazas that the city is making […]