Space Hogs Where You Live

It’s time for another slide show from the Streetsblog Network. Last time, we asked you for images of bike traffic from around the country. You can see the result here.

time, we were looking for pictures of cars and other motor vehicles
hogging space. And boy, did you deliver. We had dozens of submissions
to consider, coming from as far away as Russia.

Here’s a look at what you all are seeing out there on the car-choked streets of America — and the world:

Many thanks to Streetsblog Network members Bicycle Fixation, Portlandize, Project for Public Spaces, Cyclosity, Cyclelicious and Bike San Diego, as well as all the rest of the contributors and everyone who participated.

your next assignment: We’d like pictures of bikes at work. Cargo bikes,
delivery bikes, bikes that get the job done — whatever the job may be.
International submissions are welcome.

Send them to me at sarah [at] streetsblog [dot] org, or tag them with "streetsblog" and "workbike" in Flickr.

Keep those pictures coming.

  • Karl

    Although the worst offender perhaps, I’d still give the beer delivery truck a break (:->)

  • zsolt

    Cars encroaching on sidewalks is one of my biggest peeves, eliciting such a strong reaction in me whenever I see it, that I am sometimes doubting my own sanity. I am learning to live with it as clearly the problem is here to stay, and there is no way I can or even want to call all of them in to the DPT.

    Seeing these pictures strangely made me feel better to know that this is a universal problem. Perhaps some day there will be a credible movement specifically directed at cars on sidewalks.

  • Chris

    Just as a heads up… I really think you should to take down the picture of the cars turning right from the bicycle lane along Market Street in San Francisco. It actually is not an example of space hogs… It’s an example of cars doing exactly what they should be doing. There are many drivers and cyclists whom don’t understand the law as to how right hand turns are to be made when there is a bicycle lane. Its an issue on which the SF Bicycle Coalition has been trying to educate cyclists and drivers.

    Below is a link from the SF Bicycle Coalition that talks about making right turns with bicycle lanes:

  • between all the delivery trucks and the semis that idle on our street, I’d say we in our part of SF have a qualifying photo…I’ll take one soon!

  • Chris,

    The contributor who sent in that photo reported that the cars were in the bike lane a full block before their turn.

  • And if you look at the stripping on the road, it is still solid. Meaning that they aren’t close to the intersection yet. I believe you can only cross over once it becomes a dashed line.

  • mike – you can cross over before the line is dotted – if you are going to cross it to park…

  • Oh ok. That makes sense.

  • Wes

    If you think these are photo-worthy, you clearly haven’t been to India. Worst. Streets. Ever.


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