Streetfilms: Making a Better Market Street in San Francisco

For decades, planners and transportation specialists have debated how
San Francisco’s most important street could be re-visioned to  make it
work better for transit, pedestrians, cyclists, shoppers, and those
living on or near it. Now, as the Better Market Street Project moves
forward with trial traffic diversions, the Art in Storefronts project, music and programming in public spaces, greening along sidewalks, and pedestrian safety improvements,
San Francisco’s political class is intent on revitalizing the street
for the long haul. Though the concrete vision for what Market Street
will eventually look like is some ways off, there is more effort now
than in many years to improve the public realm and ensure the street
lives up to its great potential.

  • Brian

    Wonderful. Thanks to Streetsfilms for another entertaining and educational vid.

  • Kim

    Very exciting! Looking forward to watching the continuing transformation.

  • Great video. I didn’t realize this is just the beginning of a larger plan to rethink and replan Market. Exciting stuff.

  • Uh Wha

    That is vonderful film, supreme leaders! Your support for the common Volks is an inspiration to National Socialists everywhere! We must not stop until everyone thinks like we do! — Leni Riefenstahl

  • SFResident

    @Uh Wha – Please don’t drink before you post, it’s unbecoming.

    @everybody – Market street has so much potential – it’s got everything going for it and, with just a little bit of smart design, could really become a world-class boulevard.

  • Maureen

    I’m looking forward to the day when my son (now 7 y.o.) will be able to safely bike on his own down Market Street.

  • Joe

    Maureen, he can bike down Market Street on the sidewalks as every one does on Market Street or any sidewalks in the City that does not know how to get bicyclists off the sidewalks and to obey traffic lights or stop signs.

  • Nico

    @Joe, I think it’s safe to say that 99+% of the bike traffic on Market Street happens on the road, not on the sidewalks. Usually, when the occasional bicyclist does go on the sidewalk, it’s NOT because he doesn’t care about the rules, but because the road feels unsafe to him; that would apply to places such as Cesar Chavez, Van Ness and other major thoroughfares, for instance. More bike lanes, alternative routes or better signage directing to these alternatives is what’s needed in these places.

    And as far as I’m concerned, I see a lot of cars running red lights, too, and that is a big danger for pedestrians, other drivers, and bicyclists alike. I agree we need more enforcement against people who run red lights – but that should apply to both bicyclists and car drivers.

  • Jennifer Long

    The art installations are just going up in front of vacant buildings. That in no way helps the city. What would help the city would be to increase the number of open store fronts which would attract pedestrians. Further, several of the art installations have already been graffitied, specifically the one infront of the billards building which has been vacant for over a year.

    As to increased foot traffic on market, that must be a inaccurate statistic stated in the clip. The stores on Market between 5th and 10th are closing, such as Pearl, and the number of homeless some of whom are becoming more agressive are increasing. As a woman who lives in SOMA and works in the financial district and normally walks to work, I no longer feel comfortable walking down Market from 5th to 8th.

    Simply a better bike lane and better signage would improve bicycling on Market.


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