Today’s Headlines

  • Governor’s Gas Tax Scheme a "Bait and Switch" Move to Avoid Funding Transit (Sac Bee)
  • Merc: "What Will It Take to Fix Bay Area Transit Crisis?" 
  • Mayor’s State of City Makes No Mention of Improving Muni’s On-Time Performance (SF Gate)
  • Tentative Nod for Congestion-Based Toll Increases on Bay Area Bridges (SF Gate, Coco Times)
  • "Where the Riders Are" on BART (The Pedestrianist)
  • SMART Holds Public Hearing on Interior Design for Trains (Marin IJ)
  • California Adopts "Greenest Building Codes in U.S." (SF Gate
  • Free Parking for Oakland City Workers Costs $400,000 a Year (In Oakland Blog
  • BOS Prez David Chiu Doesn’t Want New Buildings to Shadow City Parks (SF Gate)
  • More Coverage from the NYT on Obama Admin’s Sustainable Transpo Initiative

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M-Ocean View Subway: Is this Project Really About Trains?

Thursday, SFMTA joined several agencies at the Bay Area 2040 open house in Oakland. One of the projects presented was the M-Ocean View improvement plan. As the Examiner reported today, SFMTA is now leaning towards an all-underground option, with a tunnel stretching from West Portal to Parkmerced. This project, at around $3 billion, would re-align the […]

Today’s Headlines

Oakland Parking Officers Were Ordered Not to Enforce in Wealthier Neighborhoods (SF Gate) Oakland PCOs Will Now Snap Photos of Parking Violations (East Bay Express) City Insider’s First Line About New P2P Projects: "It’ll Soon Get a Little Harder to Drive" C.W. Nevius: "Outrage Grows Over Muni Operators’ Pay" (SF Gate) Nat Ford: Cyclists, Peds […]

BART Will Study Second Transbay Tube, West Side Extension

Updated 11:06 p.m. with comments from BART Board-elect Nick Josefowitz. BART says it will formally study the decades-old ideas of building a second Transbay tube and extending service to SF’s western neighborhoods. Ellen Smith, BART’s acting manager for strategic and policy planning, recently told a SF County Transportation Authority Board committee (comprised of SF supervisors) […]

The Bay Area Needs More Walkable Housing, Not Google Bus Bashing

The anger of the protestors who blockaded a Google bus in the Mission on Monday was very real and understandable. San Francisco residents, living in a highly sought-after city with a limited housing supply, are coping with a crisis of skyrocketing rents and evictions. Meanwhile, Muni riders increasingly find their stops blocked by private shuttles that appear […]