Thanks for a Wonderful First Birthday Party!

Every day at Streetsblog San Francisco, we are rewarded by the intelligence, passion, and interest of our readership, for which we count our blessings. Unlike so much of the drivel that passes for comments on some other sites, many of our stories turn into running editorials with each new insight from you, dear readers.

Unfortunately, we rarely get to meet you or socialize with you, so last night marked a welcome change, when more than 150 urbanists showed up to break bread and cheer a year of livable streets journalism at the LGBT Center in San Francisco. We hope you had as much fun at the party as we did (given the empty keg of Racer 5, I’m betting you did).

The event was even a stop on the campaign trail for Board of Supervisors candidates. Great to see you Rafael Mandelman and Jane Kim.

Special thanks to Jonathan Weiner, without whom this past year wouldn’t have been possible. Thanks also to Katie Brodie and Nico Martin Presents for the great crew of smiling servers, impressive spread and delicious mash potatoes bar (which was quite the hit), B-Haul for the (Tasty) tunes, super volunteer Denyse Trepanier, the LGBT Center, Swirl Wine Bar, SFBC and its volunteers for weathering the rain to provide valet bike parking, Supervisor David Chiu, Supervisor Eric Mar, Judson True, Leah Shahum, Andy Thornley, Gabriel Metcalf, Chris Carlsson, Dave Snyder, John Hamilton (for the great Streetfilm you see above), Mike and Sarah Sonn, Brooke Dubose, Greg Riessen, Gary Fisher, and many, many more… Thank you also for your generous donations! If you couldn’t make the party, please consider a donation to help Streetsblog SF expand its livable streets coverage.

Here’s to a wonderful 2010 and many more reasons to celebrate our beautiful region and its public realm.

Photos of the party after the jump.

crowd_2_small.jpgWatching John Hamilton’s Streetfilm

mashed_potato_bar_small.jpgThe Nico Martin Mashed Potato Bar – if this doesn’t make SFBG’s Best of list, there is no justice. Genius, Nico. Genius!
Bryan_smile_small.jpgOur intrepid editor, ever dashing.
Janel_and_Gary_Fisher.jpgJanel holding court with Gary Fisher, who rocked the meanest red and black vest I’ve ever seen.
fruit_and_cheese_small.jpgFruit and cheese spread.
Nico_Martin_4_small.jpgNico Martin linking chainrings. There were at least 20 more he couldn’t use for lack of space.


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