Today’s Headlines

  • Muni LRV Crash at West Portal Produces 57 Claims (SF Examiner)

  • More from Tuesday’s MTA Board Meeting: 170 Operator Positions to be Cut (SF Examiner)
  • Rain will Delay Sunset Rail Replacement Project Another Week (SF Examiner)
  • SMART Train Launch in Northern Sonoma County Delayed to 2016 (Press Dem)
  • SF PUC Hopes to Switch City Lights to LEDs by 2012 (SF Examiner)
  • MTC Releases List of Bay Area Roads in Best and Worst Condition (SF Appeal)
  • NTSB Declares Distraction from Texting Official Probable Cause of LA Metrolink Crash (LA Times)
  • CHP on Texting: "If We Just Concentrate on that, then we Ignore Bigger Issues."
    (SF Examiner)
  • NY Times Looks at Anachronistic Train Departure Time Signs at 4th and King Caltrain Station
  • Clueless Americans Convinced Gas Tax Goes Up Every Year (Infrastructurist)

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  • @NY Times, I kinda like the old wooden signs. But comparing it to the changing of the guards, that’s a stretch. All I really want from Caltrain is to use GPS and give me real time arrival data on the platforms/website.

    Hey, great party last night. To anyone who listened to my Racer 5 induced rants, thank you for humoring me. I think Jamison got the brunt of it.

  • ZA

    @NYTimes – With 6 billion people on the planet, do we need to be destroying more jobs? Replace a human with technology when that technology can do it better, more safely, and at less cost. Without those three preconditions, keep the (inherently flexible) human and buy the technologies that improve their performance.

  • ZA – I’d gladly trade three people putting signs up with a stick for 3 mechanics trying to keep the trains in one piece.