Save Muni Summit

"Join activists and community groups in developing solutions to the Muni

  • Mike Trenary

    I do not currently represent any groups, but I am a resident of SF, and would be willing to lend myself to any productive initiatives towards resolving the Muni financial situation. The recent fare hike was significant enough that changes should have been visible, and yet, buses seemingly became increasingly packed and less frequent instead.

    I am currently unemployed, but have over 10 years experience in marketing, and operations & account management. While some of the demands of MarchAgainstMuni are reasonable, others are not. I would be happy to participate in the discussion on how things can improved.

    San Francisco already hosts a strained economic environment. Somehow, raising fares in this already suffering city, doesn’t seem the optimal solution.

    PS. I see no contact info for Joel Ramos

  • Unfortunately, I have other commitments tomorrow morning. But I made this point at the MTA hearing last month, and I hope somebody makes it again tomorrow:

    Over the last five or six years, Muni fares have doubled, but parking meters have hardly gone up at all. Muni availability has decreased, but free parking availability also has not changed. This is entirely the opposite of how the MTA should be raising money in our ‘transit-first city’.

    Also, a single citation for parking in a bus stop costs more than the fares for a busload of passengers, so maybe it’s time the DPT gets serious about handing those out, too. This would even lead to fewer delays for Muni riders.


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