Save Muni Summit

"Join activists and community groups in developing solutions to the Muni


This Week in Livable Streets Events

The MTA Board’s decision last Friday to cut Muni service by 10 percent was just the beginning of a months-long saga over Muni’s budget. On Tuesday, get a glimpse of what’s to come at the MTA Board meeting, followed by a Muni Summit on Saturday that will bring together dozens of groups hoping to save […]

Can Anything Be Done to Fix Muni?

Photo: Troy Holden In San Francisco it’s almost as cliche to kvetch about Muni as it is to misquote Mark Twain about chilly summers, but what can possibly be done to fix a transit system that seems to have so many problems and almost no solutions that everyone can agree upon? The city’s sitting mayor […]

Reminder: Save Muni Summit Tomorrow

Women’s Building, site of the Save Muni Summit. Flickr photo: jon starbuck Transit supporters and representatives from over 60 organizations from across the city will gather tomorrow to discuss Muni’s future, and try to identify solutions and strategies to improve the city’s transit system and help it survive the current budget crisis. The idea, two […]