Today’s Headlines

  • More on Yesterday’s Rejection of Muni Operator Concessions from SF Gate, SF Examiner
  • Supes Committee Approves Muni Audit (City Insider)
  • The Mommy Files Asks: "Why Are Muni Riders So Intolerant of Kids?"
  • MTC Meeting on Redirecting OAC Funds Delayed (SF Gate)
  • SFBC Director Leah Shahum to Take Amsterdam Sabbatical (SF Business Times, The Snitch, SFBG)
  • SF Examiner Localizes NY Critical Mass Ruling and Speculates It "Could Travel West" 
  • SF Appeal: "Is Cycling *Really* Getting More Dangerous?"
  • Mission Local Finds Some Valencia Street Merchants Opposed to Sunday Metering 
  • Study: Freeway Pollution Hardens Arteries, Contributes to Heart Disease and Stroke (LAT)
  • Living Near Transit Reduces Your Chance of Facing Foreclosure (Chicago Sun Times)
  • So much to comment on today:

    @Mommy Files – I don’t read it ever, but when I do it is usually bitching about how this city hates kids. Wow, you have it so hard – your condo in Noe Valley and all. Plus, I usually see people smiling at kids – my wife and I do all the time. We rarely see them so a little tyke all wide eyed is a nice break from the norm.

    @Leah Shahum – very jealous.

    @SF Examiner – go to hell. Actually, let’s just get a judge to rule that 50 or more cars traveling in the same direction needs a permit also.

    @Mission Local – the business owner needs to realize that she is making her own argument invalid. She says 2 out of 10 people drive. Why make 80% of your customers suffer while letting 20% pay below market rate. Not to mention the fact that extending meters will increase turn over so maybe more people would come to her store because there is a spot for them to park.

    Also, the Mission has a lot of different transit options running through it. Maybe the short meter hours and free Sunday parking have made many people car-dependent who might be able to live car-light/free.

    @Chicago Sun Times – The spike in gas prices during the summer of ’08 made people choose between filling the tank and paying the mortgage. My parents in the Midwest spent an extra $200/month on gas alone. Many many families in the US are living paycheck to paycheck and couldn’t absorb the extra costs – luckily my folks were able to squeak by. However, if it would have lasted longer or prices had gone higher, they have NO other option but to drive.