SPUR Lunchtime Forum: Update on the Water System Improvement Program

"The Water System Improvement Program approved by voters in November 2002 to upgrade the Hetch Hetchy water system has completed 40 of 47 projects in San Francisco. This year, the project will triple its construction efforts as it moves into six counties upgrading regional tunnels, pipelines and other facilities that help bring water to our taps. Join the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission’s Steve Ritchie, Assistant General Manager, and Julie Labonte, Director of WSIP, as they share key challenges to ensuring that 2.5 million Bay Area people continue to receive reliable, affordable, high-quality drinking water in an environmentally sustainable manner."


San Francisco Starts Building Green Streets For Stormwater Management

Without question, Portland’s Greenstreets program is the benchmark for American cities seeking to manage storm water and runoff from the street level before it enters the sanitation system pipes. Now, San Francisco is on its way to constructing its first on-street stormwater facilities in two places in the Bayview and Visitation Valley, pilots that should […]

The Impending Failure of San Francisco’s Pilot Bike Share Program

Which will San Francisco’s bike-share program resemble? Lest it appear that Streetsblog doesn’t support bike-sharing in San Francisco, I should say from the outset that I love the successful bike-sharing programs that I’ve used, believe they are one of the more innovative new transit models available, and know that San Francisco is ripe for the […]