Today’s Headlines

  • More on Crash Involving Cyclist and Muni Bus Driver Who Didn’t Stop (The Snitch, SF Gate)
  • Political Consultant Eric Jaye Says Muni Operators Union Never Actually Hired Him (The Snitch)
  • Poll Finds Majority of Voters Support Increased Vehicle License Fee (City Insider)
  • SFPD Begins New Pedestrian Safety Program (KCBS)
  • Park Station Officers Cite Motorists in NOPA Pedestrian Safety Sting (Bike NOPA)
  • "Muni Union’s Crazy Math" (The Snitch)
  • MTA Near Top of City’s Overtime List (The Bay Area)
  • Transbay Blog on the MTA’s "Foreseeable" Fiscal Emergency
  • SF Examiner on Two MTA Board Appointments at Pivotal Time
  • The Snitch Takes a Whimsical Look at "Some More Things Muni Should Charge Us For"

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