First Sunday Streets of 2010 A Big Hit

wide_angle_small.jpgPhoto: sirgious

On an incredible spring day with temperatures in the 60s, thousands of people descended on the Embarcadero in San Francisco for the first Sunday Streets of 2010, riding, skating, dancing, hula hooping, and swinging in the coolest bicycle-powered amusement park ride I’ve ever seen.

With over three miles of the northbound lanes of the Embarcadero closed to cars, San Franciscans of all stripes flocked to the typically touristic confines of Fisherman’s Wharf for a Family Fun Fair hosted by the merchants, including the bicycle powered Cyclecide carnival, a rock climbing wall, and a number of other free events.

Fisherman’s Wharf Community Benefit District (FWCBD) Executive Director Kevin Carroll marveled at the nice day and said that events like Sunday Streets are important to show locals that "there are things you can come down and enjoy the rest of the year" at California’s second largest tourist attraction (behind Disneyland).

Carroll said his merchants had assembled gift bags with promotional materials meant to draw locals back to the district after the events and said they were monitoring who attended by getting feedback. At last year’s Sunday Streets event at Fisherman’s Wharf, Carroll told Streetsblog, more than two-thirds of visitors were local San Franciscans.

This year’s series of Sunday Streets events has been spearheaded by the MTA, which co-organizers like Livable City said makes the events run much more smoothly. MTA Spokesperson Judson True, who told me that he made the Embarcadero route a piece of a three-hour bike ride throughout the city yesterday, was very encouraged by the street "closure."

"This was a terrific start to the Sunday Streets season," said True. "The credit goes to the tremendous team of volunteers, all the city staff and personnel and to everyone who came out on a gorgeous day to enjoy the best of what San Francisco has to offer."

Added True: "A newspaper headline Saturday said that the Embarcadero would be closed for Sunday Streets. Of course it was the opposite–the street was full of people enjoying this great public space."

When asked how he take measure of the day, FWCBD’s Carroll said, "If we’re seeing families and kids and people having fun, and enjoying
the day, to me that is successful." 

As the following pictures demonstrate, it was a success indeed:

girl_on_swing.jpgThe Cyclecide bicycle-powered amusement park swing. This girl’s mother was riding one of the four bikes that propelled her. Photo: Matthew Roth
kid_bike_class.jpgThe SFBC set up a course to teach the young ones how to safely operate their bicycles on the streets of San Francisco. Photo: Bill Ward
Kid_rock_band.jpgPhoto: Bill Ward
kind_on_wall.jpgProud papa getting a pic of his daughter’s first climb. Photo: Matthew Roth
hula_hoop.jpgPhoto: Matthew Roth
Free_dance_lessons.jpgIs that Walk SF’s Maneesh Champsee doing the do-si-do? Photo: Bill Ward
cyclecide_bus.jpgCyclecide’s bus. Photo: Matthew Roth
Closed_sign.jpgStreet closed, or open? Photo: Bill Ward
  • To reiterate the obvious, this was a lot of fun! Special shout-out to the Sports Basement bike repair station at the Ferry Building plaza for fixing my flat for free and getting me rolling in no time.

  • i had an excellent time! unbelievable. so many people.

  • We had a blast yestarday. My son run into his perschool friend. They end up racing their skuut bike all the way to the Ferry Building.

    For me, my highlight is to see the Third street drawbridge raised for the first time. First the siren gone off and someone in an official car block off the road leading to the bridge. Then the entire bridge is raised and the massive frame and concrete cunterweight is tilted. It remain there for a momemt and the lowered slowly back to a level road. I did’t see any boat pass under. So I wonder if this was done for fun 🙂

  • Fantastic day … maybe we can do this on The Embarcadero more frequently in the near future? 🙂

  • Nick

    The next road closure is scheduled for the Greeat Highway. No need to wait until next month, as the lane alongside the Ocean was closed to cars this past weekend and probably next as well.

    Hundreds of people were out there enoying the car-free space. The mindset must be changing because years ago it would have stayed empty and people would still be crowding the bike path. You have to give Sunday Streets some credit for that.

  • Clarence

    THis looks incredible. Man, did I pick the wrong weekend (the next one) to come out.

  • Kevin

    How was traffic around the Embarcadero affected?

  • ZA

    @ Kevin –

    *Automotive* traffic was barely impacted. Only half of Embarcadero was given over to *human* traffic, and the inner half that still had vehicles seemed to flow about the same as before between 10am – 3pm for a Sunday. The human traffic flowed very well, with relatively few bikes on the sidewalks, and large slow areas near attractions along the route.

    The trains and buses seemed unaffected as well.


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