Today’s Headlines

  • Fran Taylor

    The SFMTA is making a last-minute pitch to blame the service cuts on TWU and the drivers. No amount of money coming into the system from MTC or the state seemed to make any difference at all, except to relieve the MTA of any pressure to expand parking meter enforcement, but the much smaller amount of money they hope to squeeze from the Muni workers is being touted as somehow making the difference between just horrible cuts and truly catastophic ones. It’s all spin from the Mayor’s office.

  • Fran, yuup. We all called it that the state money would save drivers from the parking meter. Sadly we ended up being right.

  • Wow – Caltrain really needs to get electrified! Hmm…. how can we make that happen – STAT. It’s really hard to work on that sort of thing on an active railroad. Maybe if we threaten to shut down the railroad at 8 PM and midday, people will FREAK OUT and not notice that we shut it down on the weekends so we can do our work then in peace!

  • John, bay area transit should just adopt the mantra of “smoke and mirrors.”


    first three comments:

    -blocking off streets and throwing in planters harding constitutes anything near the idea of a “park”. just another place some dog owners will congregate and let their dogs pee and poo to their hearts content (i love dogs but some of their owners….not so much).

    -These are more likel to be “home-lets” or “bathroom-lets” – which will, of course, make nobody want to use them as “Parklets”.

    -Poor city dwellers don’t have yards, so they must share little postage stamps of undeveloped land with winos, rowdy thugs, and dog poop

    My question, has anyone seen someone use a parklet as a bathroom? It’s either the homeless, or the dogs, or Satan – must be tiring hating everything. And trust me suburbanite, I don’t want or need your sympathy. Keep it and use it to fill up your SUV.