Today’s Headlines

  • Matier and Ross Complain About Residential Parking Permit Fee Increase
  • Supes Prez Chiu Uneasy About MTA Budget, Could Force Issue (SF Weekly)
  • Newsom Hopes Muni Drivers Will Take Similar Wage Hit as All Other Unions (Examiner)
  • Thorough Vandal Breaks 30 Windows on Muni Train (SF Weekly, CBS)
  • New Method of Burying Cable Causes Minimal Sidewalk Disruption (Examiner)
  • Examiner Writes a Story on Future of BART Cars That’s Much Longer Than Ours!
  • Future of Caltrain Looks to Be Electric (CBS, ABC), Caltrain Now Accepts Translink (KCBS)
  • Santa Cruz Rail Line Buyers Clear Hurdle (Merc)
  • South San Francisco to Repay Millions in Red-Light Camera Fines (CBS)
  • Region Begins Drive to Curb Greenhouse Gases (CoCo Times)
  • U.S. Bicycle Hall of Fame Opens in Davis (Sac Bee)
  • Prius Owners Worried About Losing Carpool Lane Privileges (Merc)
  • M&R, awesome guys. “SF costs 3x’s as much as other bay area city.” *tear* Um, because we are dense and space is limited and parking isn’t a birthright. I can not wait for the next spike in oil prices. The self entitlement of the car driving community is beyond palatable.

  • @mikesonn Their argument is even more ridiculous than that if I’m reading correctly, they are complaining about the basic fact that SFMTA makes a profit on the program and doesn’t just charge what the program costs to administer. Basically they’re saying that parking spaces themselves are worth $0 and you should charge nothing more than overhead!

  • Exactly! I can’t say this enough, we are NOT Menlo Park. In Menlo Park (for example), residential parking permits serve the purpose or ensuring city residents amble on street parking by keeping non-residents off the streets at night.

    That mindset does not work in a dense urban environment. Parking permits in San Francisco should reflect the limited amount of available parking and the very high demand. This means that costs need to rise. Hopefully the state passes something soon to unburden the city from the archaic practice.

  • I think we were supposed to be outraged that on top of a yearly parking pass that costs less than two months of Muni passes, the city also collects revenue from the car owners who park illegally.

    What really puts the icing on the cake is the quote from the Mayor’s office taking pride in fighting against the parking meters which would have paid for more Muni service.

  • Nick

    Where’s the story of the DPT workers who voided fellow city employees parking tickets for an exchange of cash?

    And how appropriate is it for Newsom to express sympathy for car drivers having to pay an additional $20 per year while MUNI riders are forced to pay $300 EXTRA a year for the premium pass?