Today’s Headlines

  • MTA Meetings Will Continue With Only Five Members After Two Termed Out (Examiner)
  • William and the Disappearing Magic Muni Bus (FCJ)
  • SFO Airport Commission to Vote on BART Worker Discount (Examiner)
  • Transbay Blog Takes Exception With a Parking-Happy SF Planning Commissioner
  • Willie Brown Says North Beach Like Night at the Museum (SF Gate)
  • Strong Opposition to Renaming 3rd Street After Willie Brown (SF Gate)
  • Six People Injure in VTA Bus Crash (Merc)
  • Oakland Tribune Piles on Negativity Over MTC Annual Report on Transit Funding
  • Oakland Port Truckers Upset with Deadlines and Delay for Diesel Filters (Oak Trib)
  • Opposition to AB 32 Mounts as Ballot Measure Moves Forward (CoCo Times)
  • Republican, Former Sec of State George Schultz Now Co-Chair AB 32 Defense Campaign (Sac Bee)
  • On Mayday in Copenhagen, It Was a Parade of Cargo Bikes (Copenhagenize)

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  • Only 5 members huh? Guess it gives Newsom that much more control.

    Willie Brown was complaining that North Beach is dying (or already dead) in the Chron this morning. I say it’s time to try something new. Take out some one street parking, widen the sidewalks by 6-8′, and slim Columbus down so it isn’t a cut through. The status quo isn’t working. The car doesn’t shop, people do!

  • Nick

    The North Beach/Telegraph Hill crowd cheered as they shot down the transit-oriented development next to the Transamerica Building. You’d think 40 stories of residents who shop locally might be in their best interest.

    And for future developers: if they pull up a shadow ordinance to halt your project, one-up them by urging the City to create a new park by closing off a local street to cars.

  • Mikesonn, have you seen the Columbus Avenue Neighborhood Transportation Study? Reducing the lanes and widening the sidewalks is pretty much what it proposes to do.

  • Yeah, I’ve seen it. That is why I brought it up. Want to reignite that conversation because I’ve had some pretty heated debates with North Beach Neighbors about it.

    I argue that Columbus doesn’t need to be a thru street. The traffic will find other places to go, through the Broadway tunnel. But we don’t need to sacrifice our livability so that cars can speed thru.