On-Street Bicycle Parking on Valencia Street is Now a Reality

boogaloos_racks_1.jpgNew on-street bicycle parking in front of Boogaloos near 22nd Street. Photos: Matthew Roth.

Before any of you hurt Streetsblog commenter Stuart Chuang Matthews for boasting of the lovely new on-street bike parking racks on Valencia Street without giving you pictorial evidence: How you like them apples?

"The San Francisco Bicycle Coalition is excited to see the city install this innovation on a vibrant commercial and bicycling street like Valencia," said SFBC’s Marc Caswell. "We’re already working with businesses across the city to recommend other locations for on-street bicycle parking."

You’d almost think we were in Portland!


Dosa_racks.jpgIn front of Dosa.
Dosa_racks_2.jpgClose-up of the delineator between cars and the bike racks in front of Dosa.
Valencia_Farmers_Market_racks.jpgThe new racks in front of Valencia Farmer’s Market near 24th Street.
Freewheel_racks.jpgThe racks in front of Freewheel.
  • patrick


  • CBrinkman

    What a great way to add parking to a merchant corridor. And I like that the racks are positioned far enough apart for comfortable locking.

  • ZA


    Now let’s get this out to other parts of the Mission!

  • *Drool*

    I’m convinced bicycling in San Francisco has made it over the proverbial hill. Hang on, here we go!

  • Very nice. How did this fly in the face of the sacrosanct unit of car parking? I embrace the Portland-ification of SF!

  • Capt. Lou

    This is very nice.

  • janel

    Yeay! Thank you, thank you MTA, SFBC etc! They look fabulous.

  • Very impressed, they look great. I didn’t even see talk of this being ‘just a trial’ anywhere!

  • Steve Shapiro

    Outstanding. The time has come for the city and businesses to realize that one bike rack in front of a business is not enough. This use of public space means convenience for eight or so people who are potential customers.

  • So awesome! I’m curious how street cleaning works now. Is it like the sidewalk and the business in front of the racks is responsible for keeping it clean?

  • AP

    So great! Good work MTA!

  • Nick

    I don’t know whether to be happy or sad. I miss the 26.

  • leah

    Hooray SF!!!!!

  • @Justin,
    The businesses that are next to the racks are responsible for maintaining cleanliness. Freewheel owner Carlos Corujo said he was adding that responsibility to the list of maintenance that he and his staff do routinely, just as though it were the sidewalk in front of his shop.

  • There won’t be anymore oil on the ground there to clean up anyway 😀

  • Colby

    Do you think that in 5 years we’ll look back and laugh at how crazy it is that a bike corral is ‘news’? They’re such a riduculously simple and logical thing.

  • I have to admit riding down Valencia last night it felt really surreal to see these. I kept pinching myself. Am I in Portland? Or SF? This is so great to see, and I agree Colby, you would think we’d be so far ahead now that this doesn’t have to be big news. I am a little disappointed, though, the corral in front of Zeitgeist has only three racks.

  • Maybe Zeitgeist will demand more. But it does raise the question – should bike parking in front of bars be restricted so as not to encourage drunk riding? Sort of like how bars have parking lots but tell you not to drink and drive. Of course, car parking’s no better – maybe what they need more are parklets and ped/transit accessibility improvements.

  • Rainbow should get these too! Put them on Folsom right in front of the door.

  • Dan

    Five businesses (Zeitgeist, Boogaloos, Freewheel, Valencia Farmers Market, and Valencia Whole Foods) signed maintenance agreements to sweep up and keep an eye on the corrals. Let them know you appreciate it.

    Rainbow will get a corral but Folsom is getting paved soon so they’re waiting until that is done to put it in.

  • anonymouse

    I like this design. It keeps bikes where they belong: on the street.

  • Jim Frank: Folsom Street in front of Rainbow Grocery is being repaved and restriped in the next 120 days. As soon as that is done, there will be an On-Street facility right where you said– it’s already been legislated, approved, drawn, and the work order has been completed- just waiting for the repaving to finish!

  • J. Mork

    Wish we could see more of this in NYC!

    (Great photos, Matthew; I love the tunnel-like opening shot.)

  • sdf

    good work


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