SPUR Lunchtime Forum: Employee shuttles: A new mode of commuting

"Many San Franciscans use employee shuttles to get to their offices in suburban campuses. As these shuttle services have proliferated, questions have emerged regarding how to best incorporate them into San Francisco’s overall transportation system. A recent report examines shuttle services in terms of their costs and benefits, coexistence with other transportation services and their impacts and benefits on the local neighborhoods they serve. With Margaret Cortes of the San Francisco Planning Department and Tilly Chang of the San Francisco County Transportation Authority."


New Study Recommends Augmenting the Benefits of Private Shuttle Service

Photo: Matt Baume With Bay Area public transit languishing, market forces have evolved a "shadow industry" solution: fleets of shuttle buses, operating outside of any agreement with public transit agencies, carrying employees between work and home with greater efficiency and comfort than Muni could ever hope to offer. Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Genentech, Adobe, and Advent […]