Today’s Headlines

  • Three Cyclists Hit in Attack Remain Hospitalized; Chronicle Talks to Witnesses (SF Gate)
  • NYT/Bay
    : "Park Leeway for Churchgoers Poses Danger for Cyclists"
  • Ca. High-Speed Rail Board Chooses 87-280 Route for San Jose (Merc)
  • New HSR CEO Vows to Form New Partnerships and Work With "All of You" (Merc, SF Gate
  • Why Is the American Public Transportation Association in Bed With the
    Road Lobby? (MTR)
  • Does BART’s New "Signage Fail" Point to a "Society Fail?" (Burrito Justice via Spots Unkown
  • More on Yesterday’s Caltrain Board Meeting from Green Caltrain, SF Examiner
  • Living in the O: "Institutional Change Needed to Shift Car-Centric Patterns" 
  • Parking Enforcement to Be Staffed by Volunteers in Auburn (Sac Bee
  • SF Launches Taxi Medallion Plan (SF Examiner) Cabbies File Suit to Halt It (The Snitch)
  • Wonks Wonder If Urban Affairs Post Will Ever Be More Than Window
    Dressing (Architect’s
  • Streetfilms’ John Hamilton Takes the TransForm Car-Free Challenge (TransForm)