Mission Sunday Streets Sees Huge Turnout, Lots of Families

24th_crowd.jpgThe view down 24th Street from Valencia at 1 pm. Photos: Matthew Roth.

The first 2010 Sunday Streets in the Mission drew huge crowds for five hours yesterday, with countless young kids learning to ride and enjoying the car-free space. Organizers estimated approximately 25,000 people came out, though I could have been convinced attendance was higher given the dense foot and bicycle traffic along the route. 

Unlike last year, Valencia Street was nearly as crowded with people as 24th Street, making it difficult at times to ride a bicycle. This year organizers added Harrison Street between 16th and 26th Streets as the newest piece of the route. Susan King, primary Sunday Streets organizer at Livable City, said Harrison was added because they needed more room for the crowds, especially cyclists.

As such, Harrison was clearly the route for those who wanted to pick up some speed on their bicycles, with a long descent toward 16th Street and plenty of room to ride relaxed. Check out more of my photos below and be sure to come out July 11th if you weren’t able to attend this month.

I_heart_our_earth.jpgLearning to ride on Harrison St, with mom close by.

Valencia_crowd.jpgThe view down Valencia St, much more crowded than last year.
Family_of_Four.jpgThe death of the mini-van began with this bike.
Stud_on_a_Radio_Flyer.jpgHe’s already a little stud with his Radio Flyer.
Deep_with_skateboarders.jpgDeep picked up a few passengers.
Hula_girl.jpgHula hoops and roller scates at the CORA corner.
Traffic_Volunteers.jpgSome of the wonderful volunteers keeping an eye on vehicular traffic.
future_meli.jpgI bet this is what Meli was doing when she was this age!
girl_on_barbie_bike.jpgDoesn’t this girl bear a strong resemblance to this girl? Graduating to a new bike a year later?
Ritual.jpgGetting their caffeine on at Ritual’s on-street living room.
Defend_SF.jpgRemember Dylan Riley? Love the San Francisco update to the "Defend Brooklyn" shirts.

tall_unicycle.jpgSurprised he wasn’t juggling too.
  • James

    I thought this SS was great! I was there around 12:00, and noticed it got much busier around 2:00. It was a shame it was over at 3:00. I feel like it ended as soon as most of the people arrived.

    I think either extending the hours, or making it from 12:00 – 5:00 would be a great idea.

  • Shawn Allen

    I’m bummed to have missed this, but very glad to hear that it was a success. I agree that the 3pm closing time too early. Summer events like these should last until at least 5pm, although I recognize that there would probably be financial implications. (On that note, I would love to see a Streetsblog story about how events like these are—and could be—funded and otherwise supported.)

    Also, that Defend San Francisco shirt is awesome.

  • Definitely sorry to have missed out on this party. The “living room” looks particularly clever. Are those Defend San Francisco t-shirts available anywhere? Looks sweet.

  • A great day for Sunday Streets! Perfect weather. We like to go early, before the crowds are too dense for bicycling, but even at 11 am 24th Street was iffy. By 11:30 we had to walk our bikes through some of the most densely packed stretches to get from Harrison Street back to Valencia. Loved the on-street living room. Great to see all the families out.

  • Jeffrey W. Baker

    If I recall correctly, these ended at 2pm last year. 3pm is an improvement!

  • Live on Bike and pedal powered Rock the Bike were stellar. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c5ku65p9jGo

  • CD

    It’s a great idea to have this event every summer!

    I wish the Sunday Streets website and the Chronicle would more clearly show what streets are going to be closed before the event.

  • Seven

    The last Sunday Streets I attended (Great Highway in April) had at most about 100 people show up, and I think half of them were volunteers. It ended about noon, so going until 3pm is a big improvement.

    Glad everyone had a great time.

  • Seven, wasn’t that one rained out?

    I was working the North Beach Fest so I didn’t make it down. Kicking myself, but wouldn’t have made it down in time anyway.

  • Marilyn

    This was the first time I had attended SS and I was very impressed. We got there around 11:00 and stayed til the end. Perfect weather, great traffic control, good food and lots of interesting things to see. It was good seeing all the families out and having fun. Will definitely attend the next on next month.

  • Great picture of the crowd on 24th! It was an absolutely beautiful day for it and great to have so many people attending

  • mel

    We happened on the street closure and it was lovely. You know, when people are on foot or bike and strolling with friends, we look out for one another! No one ran into me, no one honked and no one ran any stop signs or red lights. It’s really beautiful how once we leave our car bubbles we can interact like humans. I wish this was a daily occurrence.

  • Douguss

    Although I enjoyed the Bayview for it’s nice hill section, The Mission is the most exciting culturally. My wife and I arrived before 10 and watched the volunteers set up and position the
    barriers. Harrison was a great addition to the route with a mile of nicely paved street and little traffic. Starting early is great. We took a break and had lunch at Gracias Madre and while my wife went shopping I took another quick run through the masses between 2:30 and 3 and made the whole route before traffic was allowed in again. We enjoy riding hills and enjoyed the Dolores hill at least 5 times for thrills! Keep up the great work!

  • Nick

    Some signs indicating that detour streets like Harrison were open would be helpful. I didn’t even notice that section of Harrison from 16th-24th.

  • Douguss

    I recommend looking at the sundaystreetssf.com site each month so that any new additions to the routes are set in your mind before the event. I live in Santa Cruz and I am always looking for good places to park that are convenient to the route and allow me access to my vehicle if I need snacks or more water. Thanks for sharing San Francisco with us!

  • twompsokill

    you should all see the whiny ass comments on sfgate.com lololol

  • CBrinkman

    If you like Sunday Streets please take a moment to e-mail your Supervisor and the Mayor and let them know. A thank you and more please will go a long way to making sure this program continues. Volunteering is another good way to show your support – Sunday Streets couldn’t exist without the amazing volunteers.

  • It was another great Sunday Streets event … though I enjoy the roominess of The Embarcadero events, the proximity to folks’ homes (like, right outside their door) makes this a more fun locale for Sunday Streets. It was good to see Walk SF friends at Casanova’s post-Sunday Streets too!

  • luvvittt matthew
    qué flattering!!
    that little one will certainly be nothing but fun troubles 😀

    cant wait for the nopa one
    one day these will take place city-wide
    the richmond, west portal + marina, that would be great too!

    kisses y besos xxo.m


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