Today’s Headlines

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  • Compromise in Works That Would Keep Supes’ Muni Reform Measure Off Ballot (SF Examiner)
  • Muni Sees 90 Percent Success Rate in Federal Review (SF Examiner)
  • Mayor Newsom Proclaims: "We Are the Biggest Green City in America" (Bay Citizen
  • Coco Times Columnist: Decision to Appoint Arbitrator in AC Transit Labor Dispute "Troubling"
  • Car Dependence and Prescription Drugs Don’t Mix (NYT)
  • The NY Times Examines the Effect of America’s Huge Transit Repair Backlog
  • Emanuel: Obama Now Considering "Infrastructure Rebuilding Bill" (WSJ)
  • Fell Street Bike Lane Outside Arco Station Will Be Painted Green Next Week (BIKE NOPA
  • AB32 Faces Two Challenges on Nov. Ballot: Prop. 23 and Meg Whitman (SF Gate)
  • Bicycle Exhibit Proving Popular at the California State Fair in Sacramento (Sac Bee)
  • Sean

    I have a feeling that until existing laws are actually enforced, no amount of tinkering with the Fell St. bike lane will accomplish anything.

  • Seems to me that the fell street arco station would be a fantastic place to put a mixed-use development.

  • Winston

    Regarding the decision to bring in an arbitrator for the AC Transit sickout, it seems like the only sane decision that AC transit can make would be to fire its entire overpaid workforce and replace them with contractors who can be had at 1/3 the price. Heck, for what they pay their drivers they could even have a contract bus company supply and maintain the buses. There is no sane justification for how much AC transit drivers get paid and everyone in the area served by AC transit suffers worse service because of it.

  • Very interesting PBS video. That scenario is found all over the country, but just like the video pointed out, it takes years for a crosswalk to be painted, but hours for a road to be repaired if car travel is impaired.

  • Also in the SF Examiner today, SoMa residents lead charge against dangerous crossings –

    Anybody want to join me on August 3rd to ask the SFMTA Board of directors to pay more attention to pedestrian safety?? If they stick to the usual, Noon in Room 400 of City Hall

  • Nick

    If they can paint 10 blocks of Market Street green in one day, then why can’t they at least paint 3 measly blocks of Fell green?

    I know… as soon as you start giving an inch…