Today’s Headlines

  • How to Fix Muni? The Guardian Recaps a List of Priorities from Advocates (SFBG)
  • Power Outage in the Mission Disrupts Muni (SF Examiner
  • Teenager Who Fell Through Bus Door in Palo Alto Settles Lawsuit (Palo Alto Online)
  • Santa Cruz Given Until November to Meet Terms of Rail Line Purchase (SC Sentinel)
  • SMART Gets Six Bids to Build Its Rail Cars (Marin IJ)
  • AP: "Extreme Weather May Be Signs of Climate Change" (Via SF Gate
  • Vancouver Gets More On-Street Bike Parking (Bike Portland)
  • New Study Shows Many Cyclists in UK Are Also Drivers (Guardian via Planetizen)

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  • marcos

    Re: SFBG “piece” promoting the next “community congress.

    None of what they put forth can happen until the Mayor wants it to happen.

    The nonprofits selfishly and shortsightedly nixed the MTA Charter Amendment in order to preserve their sliver of funding and to advance a few paltry revenue measures last month.

    There is enough corruption in the major departments, MTA, SFPD, Rec and Park and DPW that, if governed openly, would easily pay for more social services.

    Until progressives have the spine to address structural corruption, including nonprofit corruption, then the claim that progressives offer up any meaningful alternative remains unsubstantiated.

    We spent 8 months going over MTA reform in depth greater than any show congress could hope to. But the people who are holding this congress are the ones who put their own selfishness first, and went down like the $3 whores they are when Newsom threatened their city funding.

    The TWU is simply a zombie union, unable to articulate a coherent position on much of anything. At some point, we can wait no longer for them to get their act together.

    What the nonprofiteers are trying to say now is “no, really, this time we DO have your back.”


  • It’s kind of sad how modest the SFBG proposals are, as if advocates have just resigned themselves to the fact that real change is impossible and the best we can hope for are some incremental improvements that should have been implemented a decade ago.

    More rear door loaders? What happened to moving to proof of payment systemwide once paper passes are phased out?

    “changes to the current work rules and practices deserve consideration”? Could that statement be softballed any further?

    And then we should continue begging for more parking meters and metered hours as has been going on forever.

    It’s all very hard to get excited about – what we need is a movement that will unite the hundreds of thousands of people who ride Muni, along with the further hundreds of thousands who *would* and/or *used to* ride Muni and would become customers if it were fast and reliable.

  • What happened to moving to proof of payment systemwide once paper passes are phased out?

    Just how is the latter black hole financial boondoggle supposed to be remotely related to the former blindingly simple and obvious measure? How come that nearly all the riders who board the rear doors of buses and trams every day around the world don’t have “smart” cards, and that the agencies that operate the transit aren’t (yet) on the take with Cubic and friends?

  • I didn’t mean to suggest that Muni should have waited all this time or that there is any rational reason they shouldn’t have gone to PoP years ago, I just thought that they actually were planning to go finally PoP and the MTA was saying it would correspond to their amazing plastic card rebranding

    Now SFBG seems to be suggesting that instead they should increase their costs even more by having employees stand by the back doors

  • Nick

    Any update on the 10AM meeting today concerning the Upper Market bike lane project?