Today’s Headlines

  • More Than a Hundred People Pay Tribute to Yannick Linke at Candlelight Memorial (BIKE NOPA)
  • Survey: 17 Million Americans May Have Driven Drunk in the Last Year (Bloomberg)
  • BART Spent More than $6 Million to Deal with Aftermath of Oscar Grant Shooting (SF Gate)
  • Metrolink Offers $200 Million Settlement to Victims of 2008 Chatsworth Rail Disaster (LAT)
  • Assembly Okays Bill to Slash Fines for Drivers Who Make Rolling Red-Light Turns (Sac Bee, Marin IJ)
  • KALW News: "Port of Oakland Redevelopment has Potential to Revive Oakland" 
  • SFMTA Chief Nat Ford Urges Riders to Support Federal Transit Funding (SF Examiner, SFMTA)
  • Petaluma Neighbors Circulate Petition Opposing Bike Boulevard (Press Democrat)
  • Sales of New Single-Family Homes Drop to an All-Time Low (Observer)
  • NYCDOT’s Park Smart Pilot Has Cut Traffic in Park Slope (Streetsblog NY)

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  • Can’t say I go to Petaluma all that often, but I’d love to see a list of the businesses that are passing around that petition. I’d like to know who not to support when I make it up there.

  • The Palo Alto Daily Post does not put news online “Giving away news online is a dumb way to do business” but has a story of a driver running a red light, hitting a cyclist, and (duh!) driving away. Other motorists followed the driver and assisted in an arrest.

  • Alex

    Yeah. Make sure you boycott those people that want stop signs to protect pedestrians. If you’re not on a bicycle, you’re just worthless. LOL.

  • Alex, have you seen a working traffic circle before? Maybe if you have, you wouldn’t be making that comment. You are saying it based only the opinion of people who don’t want to lose parking, as is stated in the sentence following their lame attempt to care about pedestrian safety.

    “Opponents say that the project will make the neighborhood unsafe because removing stop signs and adding traffic circles in their place would make the traffic flow dangerous for pedestrians, cyclists and others. They also say the traffic circles will reduce parking and harm local businesses on the street.”

    I wonder what their true concern is, hmm?

  • Alex, here you go. Looks like a major point of contention is that there isn’t much in the way of data in the US with respect to roundabouts and pedestrian safety.

    However, this study found that a lot fears of pedestrian safety are, for the most part, unfounded. A reduction in speed through the roundabout greatly increase safety and reduce injury collisions.

    I’ll keep looking for other studies.

    Another note, it looks like the East D street bike boulevard is a year-long pilot. In other words, if it really is that dangerous and horrible for business, then it can be changed. I don’t see why so many people are against trials.