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Who are you, why do you read Streetsblog San Francisco and what do you care about? Those three key questions are at the heart of a short and easy questionnaire we’ve put together for our readers. It only takes a few minutes and will do a world of good for Streetsblog San Francisco.

Collecting this information will help guide our coverage and get the most value out of potential advertising space on Streetsblog. It’s also been way too long since we asked our readers for feedback, and we want to hear from you about how we’re doing.

In the coming year you’ll begin to see advertising on Streetsblog (ads are already appearing on our L.A. site). It’s all part of our long-term financial plan. In order to keep Streetsblog strong, we will need a mix of ads, sponsorships, major donations, and reader contributions. We really need your help.

So please, help us pay our bills and fill out the survey. Rest assured that your response will be kept private and the information we receive will only be used in aggregate.

For some extra motivation, we’re also giving out a $100 Amazon gift certificate to one lucky reader. If you check off that you read Streetsblog San Francisco we’ll throw in a Streetsblog hoodie for another lucky reader. Make sure you fill out the email box to win one or both prizes. Click here to get started and tell your friends!


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Support Streetsblog & Take Reader Survey

Don’t need the pitch? Make a donation, here. Take the survey, here. Friends, Thank you for your support for Streetsblog San Francisco. Over the years you have helped us be an important independent non-profit media source and a voice for safer streets, better transit, more housing options and stronger communities. We aim to raise $10,000 […]

Thank You, Bryan Goebel

When you take a step back and look at the evolution of San Francisco’s streets, it is truly impressive how much has improved for pedestrians, cyclists, and the public realm since Bryan launched Streetsblog SF in 2009. Progress seldom happens as rapidly as we might like, especially when you’re taking on something as deeply entrenched […]
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Keep Streetsblog SF Going Strong – And Help Us Grow in 2017

2017 is likely to be a year of unprecedented challenges for the broader movement to create safe and healthy communities through smart urban planning and progressive transportation design. Even before the bizarre proposed appointment of Dr. Ben Carson to head the federal Department of Housing and Urban Design, the change in administrations in Washington, D.C. […]