SFMTA: Bike Boxes Coming to Market Street “Within the Next Month”

A bike box will soon grace this intersection on Market Street at Van Ness Avenue. Photo: Bryan Goebel

Last November, we brought you news that the SFMTA is planning to install five green bike boxes on Market Street where the numbers of bicyclists have dramatically increased since the SFMTA mandated right-turns at 10th and 6th streets. During peak hours, there are so many bicyclists on Market Street it looks a little like Amsterdam or Copenhagen. So, where are the bike boxes?

“Weather permitting we are expected to implement the bike boxes within the next month,” said SFMTA spokesperson Paul Rose.

The green bike boxes will be installed on westbound Market Street at Hyde, Van Ness Avenue and Haight/Gough, and on eastbound Market Street at South Van Ness and 9th Street.

While the green protected bike lanes on Market Street have made bicycling much more pleasant and safe, the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition has urged the SFMTA to fill in the gaps between Octavia and 8th Streets by Bike to Work Day on May 12th.

The SFBC is pushing for a continuous protected bikeway from Octavia to the Embarcadero, as part of their Connecting the City Bay to Beach route.

Where else would you like to see a bike box?


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