Today’s Headlines

  • Overtime Pay “Still Draining” the SFMTA’s Budget (SF Examiner)
  • Housing Master Plan Before the SF Planning Commission Today (SF Gate)
  • Bike About Town: “Family Cycling: “Chance to Bond, Teach Kids Safety”
  • Oakland Bike Program Launches Photo Contest (Living in the O)
  • Novato Moves to Secure Redevelopment Funds (Marin IJ)
  • Mountain Bikes v Equestrians Debate Pops Up in Malibu (Malibu Times)
  • When Fighting Parking Tickets Online, Who Will Drivers Yell and Wag Fingers At? (NYT)
  • NY Parks Dept. Revokes 15 MPH Cyclist Speed Limit in Central Park (NYT via Sblog NY)
  • Give Streetsblog Some Love and Vote Us Best Transpo Site at Treehugger

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