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SF Board of Supervisors Meeting

Agenda and schedule

Of note:
1. 11016 [Appointment, Transbay Joint Powers Authority - Carter R. Rohan]
Resolution confirming the appointment of Carter R. Rohan, R. A., to serve on the
Transbay Joint Powers Authority as an Alternate Member for Nathaniel P. Ford, Sr.
(Municipal Transportation Agency)
16. 110240 [Accept and Expend Grant - Electric Vehicle Charging Equipment - $251,000]
Sponsor: Mayor
Resolution authorizing the San Francisco Department of the Environment to accept forty
seven (47) electric vehicle chargers and three (3) years of service from Coulomb
Technologies, Inc., as a sub-award under Grant DE-EE0003391 using Federal Recovery
Act Funds from the U.S. Department of Energy to Coulomb for these purposes.
19. 101053 [Planning Code - Zoning - Establishing Consistent Setback, Street Frontage,
Off-Street Parking, and Other Planning Code Requirements and Procedures
Across Various Use Districts]
Sponsor: Mirkarimi
Ordinance amending the San Francisco Planning Code by amending Sections 124,
132.2, 136, 144, 145, 145.1, 145.5, 150, 151.1, 155, 161, 186, 206.3, 209.8, 210.3, 212,
231, 243, 253, 253.2 and 307, and by repealing Sections 175.1, 175.2, 175.3, 175.4,
175.5, 209.10, and 249.26 to: 1) create comprehensive and consistent street frontage
controls for residential districts; 2) create consistent ground floor controls for industrial
districts; 3) permit certain small corner commercial uses in RM-3 and RM-4 districts; 4)
modify floor area ratio controls in the Van Ness Special Use District; 5) modify conditional
use requirements for buildings over 40 feet in RM and RC districts; 6) amend the
procedure for granting exceptions from off-street parking and loading requirements; 7)
allow parking and loading exceptions to preserve historic buildings and landmark trees;
8.) make certain Planning Code controls consistent across C-3 Districts; and 9)
streamline language and correct out-of-date Code references; adopting findings,
including environmental findings, Section 302 findings, and findings of consistency with
the General Plan and the Priority Policies of Planning Code Section 101.1.
20. 110010 [Planning Code - Zoning - NC-3 District of Fillmore Street between Bush and
McAllister Streets]
Sponsor: Mirkarimi
Ordinance: 1) amending Section 145.4 of the San Francisco Planning Code to require
active ground-floor commercial uses in properties fronting on Fillmore Street between
Bush and McAllister Streets in the NC-3 District; and 2) adopting findings, including
environmental findings, Planning Code Section 302 findings, and findings of consistency
with the General Plan and the Priority Policies of Planning Code Section 101.1.
26. 110206 [Public Hearing - Appeal of Final Environmental Impact Report - Parkmerced
Hearing of persons interested in or objecting to the decision of the Planning
Commission’s February 10, 2011, Certification of a Final Environmental Impact Report
identified as Planning Case No. 2008.0021E, through its Motion No. 18629, for the
proposed Parkmerced Project located at 3711-19th Avenue.  (Appellants: Julian P.
Lagos, on behalf of Coalition to Save Parkmerced, Filed March 1, 2011; Healani Ting, on
behalf of Parkmerced Action Coalition, Filed March 2, 2011; Bernard Choden, on behalf
of San Francisco Tomorrow, Filed March 2, 2011; and Maria Elena Guerrero Engber,
Filed March 2, 2011)
27. 110207 [Affirming Certification of Parkmerced Project Final Environmental Impact
Motion affirming the certification by the Planning Commission of the Final Environmental
Impact Report for the Parkmerced Project.

30. 110317 [Apply for Grants - Caltrans Transportation Planning]
Sponsors: Mayor; WienerResolution authorizing the San Francisco Planning Department to apply for planning grants from the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans

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