SFMTA Crews Race to Green Market Street Bike Lanes for Bike to Work Day

Photo: Aaron Bialick

SFMTA crews continue laying out the green carpet on Market Street in time to welcome the thousands of bike commuters expected on the 17th annual Bike to Work Day May 12. The improvements will help invite first-time riders to embrace the bicycle as their regular choice for commuting to work.

Bike lanes were greened on the block between 8th and 9th Streets yesterday, and crews said they’re on their way to filling in the gaps all the way down to Octavia Boulevard in time for the event.

Crews have also installed green bike boxes and highlights at bike lane merges on Lower Market Street in past weeks. They also expect to implement a particularly innovative upgrade that would add a green rectangles underneath the sharrows at Van Ness Avenue guiding riders through the interchange.

The turnout of new riders is expected to continue its strong growth over the past few years. Thirty three percent more people biked on Market Street between Bike to Work Day 2009 – 2010, bolstered by ongoing improvement efforts like reducing automobile traffic.

See more photos and a video from last year’s event after the break.

Market at Gough and Page Streets. Photo: Aaron Bialick
Market Street approaching Van Ness Avenue. Photo: Aaron Bialick

  • Painting = good.

    But is it just me, or does it see like 90% of the paint is laid down for bike to work day, and the rest of the year they twiddle their thumbs?

  • mikesonn

    Agreed, I was just thinking we should have a bike to work day every month (or better yet, every week) then they can “hurry” all year long.

  • Shmoozilla2000

    occasionally they have non-bike related painting to do…..just sayin’.

  • Green paint to Castro would be even better…..

  • Nick

    Are soft-hit posts being added too?

    Or as Jass suggested, maybe they’ll wait until next year’s Bike to Work day for that.

  • Realvivid23

    really funny that none of the cyclists in the photos wear helmets.

  • Shmoozilla2000

    Saw a cyclist hit a post, fall and hit his head (no helmet) on Market St early today. Not sure the posts are such a great idea.

  • Kevin

    The posts serve as a physical barriers for cars so they don’t park or drive in the bike lane. Most bicycle traffic doesn’t need to weave in and out of the post-barrier, I can only think of a few circumstances on Market St. in which a cyclist would need to do this.

  • SFBeth

    Love the new green paint and bike boxes! Thanks SFMTA!