SF Board of Supervisors Meeting

Agenda and schedule

Of note:

3-5. Affirming/Reversing Certification of the Final Environmental Impact Report – Parkmerced Project

6-8. Affirming the Exemption Determination – AT&T Network “Lightspeed” Upgrade

16. Agreement – Administration/Management of Ocean Avenue CommunityBenefits District

18. Grant Easement to, and Acceptance of Easement Purchase and Sale Agreement and Delivery Truck Easement Agreement – Avalon Ocean Avenue, L.P. – Phelan Bus Loop
19-22. Hearing – Appeal of Determination of Exemption from Environmental Review – 1787 Union Street
25- 28. Committee Reports: Parkmerced Agreements
30. Opposing Taxi Fare Increase Without Improved Taxi Service
31. Committee of the Whole – Report of Assessment Costs for Blighted Properties
32 – 34. Committee of the Whole – Authorizing the Use of Real Property Located at 701 Lombard Street – Joe DiMaggio Playground Master Plan Project
35. Final Map 5388 – 1840 Washington Street
Proposed Ordinances
11063 Changing the Official Sidewalk Width – Brotherhood Way
11064-6 General Plan Amendments – Executive Park Subarea Plan
11067 General Plan Amendment – Community Safety Element


SF Board of Supervisors Meeting

Agenda [pdf] On the agenda: Affirming or Reversing Certification of FEIR – CPMC’s Long Range Development Plan Planning Code – Transit Impact Development Fee Increase and Updates Public Hearing to Acquire Temporary Construction Licenses for Various Real Properties by Eminent Domain for Central Subway/Third Street Light Rail Extension Project Public Hearing – Appeal of Determination of […]

SF Board of Supervisors Meeting

Agenda and schedule Of note: 1. 11016 [Appointment, Transbay Joint Powers Authority – Carter R. Rohan] Resolution confirming the appointment of Carter R. Rohan, R. A., to serve on the Transbay Joint Powers Authority as an Alternate Member for Nathaniel P. Ford, Sr. (Municipal Transportation Agency) 16. 110240 [Accept and Expend Grant – Electric Vehicle Charging […]

SF Board of Supervisors Meeting

Agenda [pdf] Of note: 5 – 7. Exemption Determination – AT&T Network “Lightspeed” Upgrade 18. Public Works – Temporary Street Occupancy Fees 27. General Obligation Bond Election – Road Repaving and Street Safety 29. Feeder Agreement – BART 37. Changing the Official Sidewalk Width – Clarence Place 39. Changing the Official Sidewalk Width – Brotherhood Way 41. […]