Eyes on the Street: “Green-backed” Sharrows Installed on Market Street

Freshly installed "green-backed" sharrows on Market across Van Ness Avenue. Photos: Bryan Goebel

SFMTA crews are continuing the “green branding” of Market Street, installing “green-backed” sharrows for people who ride bikes across several different intersections headed eastbound between Octavia Boulevard and 10th Street.

Fifteen green shared lane markings have appeared on eastbound Market at Van Ness Avenue and 10th Street, with another 5 expected to go in soon between Octavia and Gough. In addition to helping guide bicyclists across intersections to connect with green bike lanes, the color is meant to raise the visibility of the sharrows for drivers.

“The new green sharrows are another notable improvement to the bicycling environment on Market Street, which more people are riding and appreciating than ever,” said Leah Shahum, the executive director of the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition. “We hope to see the bigger, bolder green sharrows continued down the rest of Market Street now to help ensure the entire riding experience on our most well-used bicycling street is improved.”

What do you think of the new green-backed sharrows? More photos below the break.

The new green-backed sharrows approaching 10th Street.


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