Traffic Skills 101 (part 1) – Mountain View

From SVBC:

In-class Traffic Skills 101

Are you a new or experienced cyclist who would like to learn the rules of the road and proper techniques that will allow you to ride your bike safely and with more confidence? Then Traffic Skills 101 is right for you. This 3.5 hour classroom course will cover the basics on how traffic operates, how bicyclists can safely operate as part of traffic on a wide variety of streets and intersections, and how to avoid or deal with road hazards. We’ll also cover choosing a bike, fitting a helmet, and checking that your bike is safe to ride. Adults and teens over 14 years of age are welcome. No bicycle is needed.

Cost: Free (advanced registration with $10 refundable deposit is required)

Registration: Complete attached form and send to:
Mail:1922 The Alameda, Suite 420, San Jose, 95126


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