San Jose Bike Party

From SJ Bike Party:

Ladies it’s time to start stretching those legs so you’re ready because SJBP’s Second Annual Ladies ride is this Saturday July 23rd at 6:00pm

It is no secret that cycling is a male dominated activity. We would all like to see more sisters, mothers, daughters, girlfriends, and wives out on the 3rd Friday of each month enjoying Bike Party. Whether you are a Bike Party regular or if you want to try a social ride for the first time, the Ladies Ride is the perfect opportunity for women of all backgrounds and riding levels to enjoy cycling together!

This special event is designed to accommodate many different types of bikes and riders. Novice riders will like that the ride will be at a relaxed pace and the route is only 16 miles with no hills. If you experience a problem with your bike, we will have volunteers at the start and at regroups who should be able to assist you with light repairs.

Recommendations on how to prepare for the Ladies Ride:
1. Plan on riding safely. Check out San Jose Bike Party’s “How We Ride”:​/how-we-ride
2. If you haven’t ridden a bike in a while, try riding a round your neighborhood a bit to stretch out your legs in the days leading up to the ride. Keep in mind that you can probably ride farther than you think you can, especially when having fun and socializing with others!
3. It is a good idea to pack plenty of water and have lights on your bike.
4. Invite the women in your social circle. This is an event that they will not want to miss!

Gentlemen: Although no riders will be turned away from this ride due to their gender, please remember that this ride is really for the females.


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