Sidewalk Thinktalk: The History of SF Mural Culture

From Thinkwalks:

For this free Thinkwalks event, Joel will be hanging out at the corner of Valencia Street  and Clarion Alley bringing it to the people. He’ll make a series of short presentations covering various topics like Coit Tower murals, the “Mission School” of muraling, Ohlone murals in the Mission Dolores, Clarion and Balmy Alley murals, and muralists from Diego Rivera and the Stackpoles to those working today. The event will offer passersby a series of short presentations each followed by question-answer and a ritual passing of the hat.


Thinkwalks Social Justice Mural Bike Ride

Join other bicyclists for a survey of more than a dozen murals addressing a variety of social issues. We’ll look at the art, the politics and the neighborhood issues, and we’ll examine public art organizing techniques, stories from your favorite murals, and the complex issues of expressing justice themes through art. Meet at Mona Caron’s […]

This Week in Livable Streets Events

This week, the SF Board of Supervisors considers a proposal to make it illegal to park unauthorized vehicles in car-sharing spaces, SPUR discusses landscape urbanism, the East Bay Bike Coalition celebrates the renovation of the old 16th Street Station, Thinkwalks takes a tour of social justice murals, and a park ranger leads a bike ride […]

Thinkwalks Tour: Walk the Wiggle

From Thinkwalks: Before bikes were invented, the popular Wiggle bike route was a foot trail to avoid these same hills. Change the way you see the landscape as we talk about everything from art and bike politics to floods, lakes and native societies. We’ll discuss the very latest research on how the Mission Dolores was, […]

Thinkwalks: Water Walking Tour

From Thinkwalks: This is the deepest look Thinkwalks offers into the waterways that once coursed through the Mission District. Do you love thinking about local creeks, wells, puddles and ponds? We’ll discuss their meandering locations and ecology, their implications for the growth of SF, their spring sources and controversial origins. This is a long tour […]

Thinkwalks Transportation History Ride

From Thinkwalks: Golden Gate park is a canvas on which the city’s ambitions were sketched. San Francisco was the first major city on the coast. We’ll discover many firsts in the Park because it was where ideas were tested. We’ll see where a major railroad came right into the park, where the suspension bridge was […]