East Bay Bike Party

From EBBP:

This month’s ride theme isn’t just old school, it’s old old OLD school. Are you ready? I don’t think so, because you’re never prepared for a DINOSAUR ATTACK!!!

Scientists will tell you that man and dinosaur didn’t walk the earth at the same time, but they never said anything about RIDING! It’ll be a prehistoric mashup as man and dinosaur pedal the streets of Oakland side-by-side. And what would a dino ride be without a visit to the Port of Oakland to visit the metal, mechanized saur-like beasts who live there!

As always, the theme means whatever you want it to. You can be an attacking dinosaur or dinosaur attacker (or attackee). Get prehistoric and be a caveman or cavewoman. Come as your favorite dinosaur or person with dino experience (think Flintstones, Land of the Lost or The Lost World). Dinobots, anyone?

Whether you’re dialing back your wardrobe to 1,000,000 B.C. or getting all spiny and scaly, we want YOU to be part of what is destined to be a ride of MONSTER proportions.

The gathering starts at MacArthur BART at 7:30pm and the planned departure is 8pm. The ride will wrap up at Mosswood Park and we’ll have some sweet, wide-open, car-free roads to ourselves as we hit the Port of Oakland.

For some pre-ride excitement, check out the art opening at Actual Cafe: BEAUTIFUL MACHINES – ART OF THE BICYCLE. It starts at 5pm (and runs until 10pm), so it’s a great warm-up for a night of bike-positive adventuring.

As always, helmets and lights are encouraged. If you want to volunteer (by helping direct riders through turns at corners) it is much appreciated. To volunteer, arrive about 7:30pm and look for the people (or dinosaurs) with bullhorns – they’ll tell you who to see to get your turn-by-turn sheet, corner assignments and info on how it works.

And now, say it with me:


(Translation: BIKE PARTY!!!)


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